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  • Vindictus opens Australian server, welcomes Mexicans

    Vindictus has relaxed its regional restrictions allowing both Australian and Mexican gamers to play the action MMORPG.

  • DOTA 2 headed to Japan, Korea through Nexon

    Valve has teamed up with MMORPG publisher Nexon to bring DOTA 2 to Japan and Korea.

  • Dungeon Fighter Online hit 3 million concurrent users in June

    Dungeon & Fighter, as it’s known in China, surpassed 3 million maximum concurrent users in June of this year. Dungeon Fighter Online, as it’s known outside of China, is developed by Nexon, and it’s last concurrent record was 2.6 million users. The free-to-play MMO was released four years ago, and the game was released on […]

  • Consoles must embrace free-to-play or face extinction, says Nexon boss

    Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim has said consoles will “go the way of the dinosaurs” if manufacturers ignore the free-to-play market.

  • Vindictus to add fluffy chicken pet things

    Vindictus is a free-to-play MMORPG from Nexon available on Steam. That was the end of my knowledge or interest in it until this happened.

  • Atlantica Online arrives on Steam

    To celebrate the Steam arrival of Atlantica Online, those who download the free-to-play strategic turn-based MMORPG can save money on some special goodies. What sort of goodies are these? Glad you asked: the Wild Taurus mount or the Blue Dragon Wings, a bag with 15 extra inventory slots, the Merc. Room License which gives you […]

  • Two lawsuits filed against South Korea’s Shutdown Law

    Two lawsuits have been filed in South Korea, challenging the Shutdown Law as unconstitutional. The law prohibits those under sixteen from playing games for a nightly six hour block so they can do more constructive things. Parents and teenagers with a Korean organization representing culture filed a suit claiming the law doesn’t take into account […]

  • Nexon acquires 14.7% minority stake in NCsoft for $688 million

    Korean game company Nexon has acquired a 14.7% minority stake in fellow-Korean publisher NCsoft for $688 million, the firm announced today. The shares, which number 3.218 million, were purchased from NCsoft chairman and founder Taek Jin Kim, which means Nexon is now the largest shareholder in NCsoft. Nexon said the stock purchase was part of […]

  • EVE Online to release in Japan March 28

    CCP and Nexon have announced a localized Japanese version of EVE Online will hit Japan on March 28.

  • Nexon to publish Shadow Company: The Mercenary War

    Nexon’s announced it’ll publish free-to-play first-person shooter Shadow Company: The Mercenary War for a release later this year.

  • Nexon receives $1.2 billion in Japanese IPO

    Nexon went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this week, and managed to rake in a staggering 1.2 billion USD in its IPO. Driven largely by the strength of Maple Story, which is said to be one of the most popular games in the world, Nexon boasted the largest IPO of the year on the […]

  • Maple Story hack compromises 13.2 million Korean players

    Hugely popular Nexon MMORPG Maple Story suffered a security breach last week, risking the personal information of three-quarters of its Korean player base.

  • Rumour - Nexon to go public at $1.28 billion in December

    VentureBeat has heard whispers that Maple Story and Combat Arms publisher Nexon will make its initial public offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange come December 6. The online game provider is expected to bring in $1.28 billion, putting its market value at $8.97 billion – far outweighing other giants of the industry, including EA at […]

  • EG giving away Vindictus beta codes

    Lovers of hack and slash MMOs, this is your day.

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