Introversion headlines

Prison Architect reaches Alpha version 3

Developer Introversion has announced that Alpha version 3 of its prison simulator, Prison Architect, is now available.

  • Multiwinia goes live

    Title says it all. As of around two-and-a-half hours ago, Introversion’s strategy title, Multiwinia, went live. The game’s available to buy from the Introversion store for £15, $24.90 or €19.95. “Multiwinia is also available from Steam and will soon be released into retail worldwide,” says the release. Full thing after the break. By Mike Bowden

  • Multiwinia pre-orders go live

    Introversion sent word this afternoon that its site is now taking pre-orders for Multwinia: Survival of the Flattest. “There will be a three-tiered pre-order menu; digital download, digital download plus boxed unit, or customers will be able to treat themselves and purchase our limited edition special pack presented in a beautiful custom-made Darwinian tin,” said […]

  • Multiwinia site goes live

    Introversion’s put the official Multiwinia site live. There are links there for both a demo and video of the multiplayer RTS, but neither are in place yet, unfortunately. There are some pretty screens, though, and that’s all you can hope for. Go see.

  • Multiwinia for September release

    According to this Shacknews piece, Multiwinia will release in September. The Introversion multiplayer RTS is also hitting Live this year in the form of Darwinia+, which includes the original game plus the online update. No firm date on that as yet, though.

  • Introversion announces Chronometer

    Introversion has confirmed that it’s working on Channel 4 funded game called Chronometer. The Darwinia developer was approached by the UK TV channel recently and asked if it had any ideas that could potentially be backed, a move which gave birth to the project. “So around three months ago, despite being busier than we’ve ever […]

  • Introversion working on Channel 4 game

    According to this IGN report, Darwinia developer Introversion is currently working on a game project with Channel 4. Apparently the title’s called Chronometer and has been confirmed as real by Introversion. We’re just waiting for comment now.

  • New Multiwinia shots show flat explosions

    Introversion sent over some new shots of upcoming RTS Multiwinia, and very nice it’s looking too. The game’s an update to the much-loved Darwinia, which saw little computer men fighting for survival against virus types. We’ve just got a preview build of this, so we’ll knock up some impressions and new shots this week. No […]

  • RPS goes hands-on with Multiwinia, shots included

    Nice, genyoowine exclusive here for the RPS massive, with Gillen getting a good go on Introversion’s Multiwinia. There are plenty of screens included, and a heap of detail on a bot-match on the Holy Tree map. This pretty much sums it up: “I’m dominating the left of the battlefield, and there’s plenty of computer-guy-corpses to […]

  • Multiwinia for "summer", says Introversion

    Indie developer Introversion has confirmed that Multiwinia, the multiplayer update of RTS title Darwinia, is on track for a summer release this year. “I’d hesitate saying a month, but you’re more than welcome to say it’s going to be out in the summer of 2008,” a company rep told VG247. “We’ve got some announcements about […]