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  • Gameloft to open New Orleans studio, promises "exciting endeavors"

    Simple equation – offer generous tax credits to games developers, observe influx of companies opening studios in your area. This is suspected to be the reason behind mobile publisher Gameloft posting thirteen full-time positions on a New Orleans job board.

  • Gameloft announces "Backstab" as Xperia Play timed-exclusive

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Gameloft is every charming lady-killer stereotype ever rolled into one Old Spice-scented ball of suave. And so, fittingly, the mobile juggernaut’s wandering eye has now flitted over to the newest device on the dance floor, Sony’s Xperia Play. More surprising, however, is the fact that Backstab […]

  • Gameloft takes aim at WoW with Order & Chaos iOS MMO

    These days, it seems like you haven’t “made it” until Gameloft’s taken your idea, zapped it with a shrink ray, and squeezed it onto an iDevice. So congratulations, World of Warcraft. Welcome to the big leagues. 12 million subscribers? Pfft. Here’s your real badge of honor.

  • Gameloft sale has loads of titles for 59p

    Gameloft has cut the price of many of its iPhone and iPad games to 59p today.

  • Gameloft promises ten launch titles for Xperia Play

    Gameloft has confirmed it’ll release ten titles for the launch of Xperia Play.

  • Gameloft on cloning accusations: The gaming industry has "maybe one new idea a year"

    Gameloft’s been a driving force in the mobile gaming sphere for years now, pumping out such hits as Hal… er, NOVA, Uncharte… er, Shadow Guardian, and Modern Warfare. Or Combat. Or something. Turns out, people notice when you constantly crib notes from the rest of the class. So, Gameloft, what say you?

  • Gameloft CEO believes massive App sales can possibly threaten innovation

    Michel Guillemot, founder and CEO of Gameloft and brother of Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, has criticized Electronic Arts over its $0.99 holiday App sale, claiming such markdowns threaten the market and pose a threat to smaller companies.

  • Gameloft 3D titles to be accessible on Panasonic's 2011 line of VIERA HDTVs

    Gameloft and Panasonic announced at CES a line-up of games with 3D graphics including Asphalt 5, N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance and UNO, which will be directly accessible on Panasonic’s 2011 line of VIERA Connect-enabled VIERA HDTVs.

  • Gameloft announces N.O.V.A. for PSP

    Gameloft’s popular iPhone and iPad game, N.O.V.A., is to be released on Sony’s PSP later this year.

  • Earthworm Jim HD video is worm-tastic

    Gameloft’s released a video of its remake of Earthworm Jim complete with new levels with jetpacks, graphics and four-player co-op. Get it below the break. Already released on mobile and DSiWare, the XBL release of Earthworm Jim HD hits June 9, with PSN getting it a month later after it is no longer exclusive to […]

  • Earthworm Jim remake heading to DSiWare

    Gameloft has revealed to Nintendo Power that it’s iPhone remake of Earthworm Jim is will be released on DSiWare.

  • Palm introduces 3D games for webOS phones

    Palm’s announced that game titles from EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile and Laminar are now available for the Palm Pre webOS platform via its Palm App Catalog.

  • Gameloft "cutting back" on Android platform development

    Gameloft has “significantly cut” back on developing games and applications for Google’s Android platform, according to a report from Reuters. Apparently, it’s not the only one cutting back on support, as the company stated that others are doing the same thing due to the “weakness” of Android’s application store. “We have significantly cut our investment […]

  • Gameloft announces PSPgo line-up for the holidays

    Gameloft has announced five titles it is readying for PSPgo and PSP. “For the past 10 years our focus and expertise has been digitally distributed games. From mobile games to iPhone/iPod Touch to next-gen consoles, our success stems from the ability to adapt and evolve on the latest platforms,” said Gameloft president Michel Guillemot “The […]

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