amBX headlines

amBX gets tools and middleware license for PS3

amBX has finalized its Tools & Middleware License agreement for PS3, the firm announced today, paving the way for the lighty, rumbly games tech to make its way to the console. “This is a major milestone in the development of amBX as a ubiquitous standard for entertainment sensory experiences,” said amBX CMO Jo Cooke. “amBX […]

  • Multiwinia to be amBX-ified

    Philips announced this afternoon that Multiwinia is to be amBX-enabled, meaning the multiplayer strategy follow-up with flash and fan along with all amBX kit. “Our agreement with Introversion builds on a hugely successful relationship between amBX and Introversion through DEFCON and Darwinia,” said amBX marketing boss Jo Cooke. “amBX will produce an exhilarating gaming experience […]

  • Tom Clancy's HAWX gets amBX

    Ubisoft and Philips confirmed this afternoon that upcoming flight-shooter Tom Clancy’s HAWX will be amBX enabled. If you recall, amBX and Ubisoft announced a deal at CES in January, the first part of which was to see the Philips sensory tech applied to Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. “Tom Clancy’s HAWX comes hot on the […]

  • Gamecock signs up to amBX

    According to this MCV piece, Gamecock games are to support amBX going forward. The publisher’s games – such as Legendary and Velvet Assassin – will support the Philips “sensory” tech. Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer for amBX, said, “Gamecock is another top drawer publisher signing for amBX. Our involvement with Gamecock at EIEIO allowed us […]

  • GDC: amBX chief talks consoles, GDC and why PC gaming is "the testbed"

    While catching up with the entire games community at GDC ’08, we took some time out to talk about where Philips have now got to with their amBX lighting and multimedia feedback technologies, first revealed to the public in April 2005. The amBX stand dominated the main show floor at GDC ’08, and was showing […]

  • amBX to announce new publisher partners at GDC

    Philips amBX is to announce new partners for its sensory technology at GDC, a PR spokesperson has confirmed this morning. The company’s stand at the San Francisco show will feature pods split into four, with a publisher’s PC game hooked up to amBX-enabled peripherals in each segment. “We’re going to have Ubisoft, Codemasters and a […]