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  • Twisted Metal invades Payday 2 with Sweet Tooth mask

    Killer clown injects a little madness into Overkill Software’s co-op crime caper.

  • Rekoil releasing on PC later this month, releasing as Rekoil: Liberator on XBL

    Plastic Piranha has announced it will release Rekoil, its multiplatform team-based shooter with a strong community focus, later this month. The console version will be known as Rekoil: Liberator.

  • How to Survive will shuffle onto Wii U in 2014

    Zombie survival game How to Survive will finally arrive on Wii U next year, according to publisher 505 Games. It won’t feature online multiplayer on the console.

  • Terraria will be released on Vita in early December

    Terraria, the side-scrolling 2D sandbox adventure, will be released on PlayStation Vita December 4 by 505 Games. The game was originally slated for release sometime in the summer. The date was spotted by VideoGamer in the latest edition of MCV. 505 told Eurogamer and official announcement is due soon. Thanks, Eurogamer.

  • Takedown: Red Sabre Xbox Live launch delayed

    Takedown: Red Sabre’s mysterious failure to materialise on Xbox Live when it launched on PC has finally been explained sort of.

  • Payday 2 Armored Transport DLC lands on Steam tomorrow

    Payday 2’s first DLC, Armored Transport Heists, will be made available on Steam tomorrow, November 14. It comes with the new armored car heist, playable across five existing maps and the train heist. Three new weapons, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama president masks, four new mask patterns and four new mask materials are all included. […]

  • How to Survive is out now, watch the launch trailer here

    505 Games’ How to Survive isn’t just about killing zombies in gruesome fashion. As the title suggests, it also tasks you with keeping yourself alive, through foraging for food and finding a safe place to sleep. There’s the option to play alongside a buddy in co-op too. The game is out today, so take a […]

  • How to Survive gets first zombie-filled gameplay trailer

    How to Survive puts players on a zombie-infested island, but as the title suggests it doesn’t just leave you to your own devices, providing useful advice on how to stay alive. This gameplay trailer presents “Kovac’s Rules”, which are a good start to your quest to secure food, water and shelter.

  • How to Survive: watch us play 505 Games' next potential hit

    How to Survive is the next big digital release from 505 games which includes zombies and combat. You folk like those don’t you? Watch VG247’s Sam Clay play it after the break.

  • PayDay - Episode 6 of the webseries finds Special Agent Griffin getting "too close to CrimeNet"

    Episode 6 of the PayDay webseries is out now, and pull you into the seedy world of Vlad and Gage a bit more. Also, Special Agent Griffin is getting “too close to CrimeNet,” and Bain sends Vlad to have a friendly chat with her. Hur hur. The co-op heist shooter PayDay 2 is out now […]

  • Sniper Elite 3 debut trailer released

    The first trailer for Sniper Elite 3 has been released. It features American OSS Agent, Karl Fairburne, as he goes behind enemy lines in North Africa during World War 2, providing sharpshooter support as the Allies battle Germany’s Tiger Tanks. Featuring a greater focus on sandbox style gameplay and an advanced “kill-cam”, Sniper Elite 3 […]

  • Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death releases on Xbox Live and PC

    Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is now available through Xbox Live Arcade and PC. The game is an homage to blockbuster films, comic book heroes, and action games with its focus on “relentless high-octane combat, exotic and danger-filled environments and epic set pieces.” Plus, it has its tongue placed firmly inside its cheek. […]

  • Takedown: Red Sabre out today on Steam, watch the launch trailer here

    Takedown: Red Sabre, the tactical shooter from Serellan – made up of former Ghost Recon, Halo, SOCOM, SWAT and F.E.A.R.developers – is now available through Steam. According to the link, it will launch in three hours, so while it is “technically” not available, well, you know what I am saying. Watch the launch trailer below.

  • Terraria to be released at retail due to "lack of digital uptake" in certain markets

    Terraria will be released at retail, according to Publisher 505 Games, because it missed out on sales being released digitally. The digital version has moved 2 million units, but 505 hopes a physical release will help pad sales after being released in more retail-centric markets. “Different territories have different digital acceptance,” said head of global […]

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