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  • Indie and other games of interest: Jack the Ripper, Prinny 2, more

    Not too much this week for this post, so don’t go into it expected a massive wall of text and tags – sorry to say. Still, there’s a bit below the page break such as demos, Steam offerings, content updates, news on Prinny 2 and other stuff regarding games that normally bypass the front page. […]

  • IL-2 Sturmovik devs working on Battle of Britain flight-sim game

    Maddox Games has announced via an IncGamers interview with founder Oleg Maddox, that the firm’s next project s based on the Battle of Britain air war during WWII. “Right now we are working full steam on a new simulator series, and the opening release will be dedicated to the Battle of Britain in 1940,” said […]

  • Majesty 2 demo now available

    A demo for Majesty 2, the game where players build up and defend a fantasy kingdom, is up over on BigDowload. We’re sure it’s at other sites too. Game’s out on September 18, and through the link you can see the system requirements and a video.

  • NecroVision: Lost Company announced for 2010

    1C Company has announced NecroVision: Lost Company, a prequel to the WWI shooter from The Farm 51. In it, the player will control a German soldier who fights supernatural evil only to become the evil Necromancer that was in the first game. There will be 10 new single player levels, six new weapons, drivable vehicles […]

  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey demo soars to one million downloads

    The demo for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey has reached one million downloads, according to a press mailer from 505 and IC Company. One million downloads is a lot for a demo, and the staggering number includes bit XBL and PSN downloads combined. Full press release is posted after the break, and the game is […]

  • Theatre of War 2: Centauro video shows off new expansion

    The new expansion pack for Theatre of War 2- Centauro, has a trailer. It’s after the break courtesy of FileFront. Dedicated to the 131st Armored Division Centauro and the battles it took part in North Africa starting from December 1942 till mid-May 1943, the pack features a new campaign and covers missions from rearguard actions […]

  • Men of War gets autumn expansion

    WWII RTS Men of War is to expand this autumn with Red Tide, a standalone effort giving the player charge of a bunch of Soviet marines called the Black Coats. We’re reliably informed that 1C’s game is one of the best current strategy titles on the market. We may even play it to find out […]

  • NecroVisioN gets classification in Australia after some changes

    NecroVisioN has passed classification in Australia, and can now be sold in the country. Farm 51 and 1C’s army/demon shooter had to undergo some changes to receive the MA15+ rating, like changing blood spray to gray dust, but those looking forward to the FPS can now at least purchase it. Whether it will be as […]

  • Necrovision refused Australian classification

    The Australian authorities have refused to grant Farm 51 FPS Necrovision a release thanks to excessive violence, Gamespot reports. The title is the latest in a long string of games to fall foul of the fact Australia doesn’t allow adults to play adult videogames. The country has no 18 rating for games. Full thing through […]

  • Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 English demo available

    Battlefront.com and 1C Company released a playable English demo for Theatre of War 2: Afrika 1943 this morning. FileFront has it. It includes one tutorial mission to get you acquainted to the command and control of your units, as well as one full mission, The Battle of Sidi Bou Zid which takes place in early […]

  • Men of War: WWII RTS demo out now

    505 and 1C have released a single-player demo for World War II RTS Men of War. The full game releases for PC on February 27. The demo includes the full opening stage of the Russian campaign. Downloaders will also get the chance to try out the “direct control” feature, which enables control of units using […]

  • King's Bounty: The Legend in stores today for PC

    King’s Bounty: The Legend arrives in stores today. The RPG/RTS hybrid allows you to lead an army of dwarves, humans, vampires, pirates, snakes and devilfish across a huge continent, completing missions such as leading revolutions, overthrowing tyrants, slaying dragons and taking part in strategic battles. Eclectic. You can even start your own family should the […]

  • 505 and FilePlanet team up for Men of War multiplayer beta

    505 Games and FilePlanet are joining forces on the multiplayer beta for Men of War. Registered users at FilePlanet are now able to download the WWII RTS’s beta before anyone else. Once in, players can challenge others to 16-player multiplayer matches in four different modes, including Battle Zones, Capture the Flag, Combat and Combat FFA. […]

  • WWI zombie shooter NecroVisioN gets a demo

    1C Company and The Farm 51 have released the single-player  PC demo for NecroVisioN. The first-person horror shooter puts players in the fatigues of American soldier Simon Bukner, who must fight his way through the bleak trenches of WWI and into the very jaws of Hell. Spooky. No matter what the setting, time frame or […]

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