PAX 2009 headlines

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 75% off and free to play on Steam this weekend

Those interested in trying out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare can do so for the next two days through a free Steam weekend.

  • Titan Studios demos Fat Princess: New Pork at PAX

    Sony has posted a video showing off a demo of New Pork – the new DLC coming for Fat Princess. We have it for you after the break, courtesy of the US PS Blog. More DLC is also planned for the title in the future, and while we have yet to play the game, we […]

  • PAX 2009 pulled in 60,750 attendees

    Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo has revealed that 60,750 people attended PAX this year. Because of this great mass of bodies, the show’s organizers are looking into expansion plans for next year so that even more people can come and catch the flu, er um, enjoy the festivities. Attendance for 2008 was 58,500 – leading some […]

  • Turn 10's Bill Giese demos Forza 3 at PAX

    Turn 10 sat down with GiantBomb during PAX and talked all things Forza Motorsport 3. Speaking with the site, senior designer Bill Giese gave a demo of the game, which is currently in certification with Microsoft. The video is posted after the break, or though here if you prefer. Game’s out October 23.

  • PAX swine flu cases confirmed

    The PAX twitter feed‘s confirmed that swine flu cases were present at the show. A list of 15 flights – both from Seattle and ongoing connections – that contained attendees carrying the illness is now up on the Penny Arcade homepage. Kotaku has a quote on the outbreak from Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade: “This […]

  • APB beta "weeks" away

    Realtime Worlds community chap Chris Collins told EG at PAX that the APB beta is imminent. “We’re weeks rather than months away from starting closed beta,” said the developer. The shooter-MMO’s down for release early next year.

  • Night vision goggles are back in Splinter Cell: Conviction

    According to Ubisoft creative director Max Beland, who was demoing Splinter Cell: Conviction at PAX, Sam Fisher’s night vision goggles are back. A video shown on site revealed the goggles in use, allowing Sam to see through walls in black and white, with enemies glowing brightly. That’s about it really. Nothing further to report on […]

  • Runic Games to release Torchlight October 27

    Runic Games has announced that Torchlight, its action RPG with randomly generated levels, will hit October 27 via digital download. The single-player game has three classes to choose from – the Destroyer, Vanquisher and Alchemist- and an interesting sounding retirement option for maxed out characters to hand over benefits for newly created ones. Those who […]

  • Ron Gilbrt discusses indie games, big budgets, and art during PAX keynote

    Ron Gilbert delivered a keynote at PAX yesterday which focused on his path to becoming a game developer and his opinion on the game industry as it stands today. Toting the benefits of being an independent developer, after mentioning that the original Monkey Island was created by seven people for $135,000, Gilbert chastised large companies […]

  • Artwork for The Secret World is rather smashing

    Some artwork for The Secret World was handed out at PAX last night, and BigDownload as the set posted. It’s rather nice looking artwork. Some of it rather creepy as well. One though, depicts the three factions you can choose from, Dragon, Illuminati, and Templar. There are 17 different bits for you to look at, […]

  • Valve details Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival

    Valve has sent us over more details on the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, Dark Carnival, which is playable at PAX 2009 this weekend, confirming earlier news from Eurogamer. The new Boss infected monster known as “The Jockey” is the third revealed so far and it lets you attack lone Survivors and “wrestle control of […]

  • PAX 2009: Twitter support confirmed for Blur

    Bizarre Creations has announced Twitter support for its racer Blur. The news was confirmed during PAX today by Joystiq. No word on whether Twitter in the game will be integrated with Twitter on 360 this fall, but we sent a mail to see if we can find out more. Hit the link for the rest.

  • New Splinter Cell: Conviction movie does the funnies

    Ubi’s released a new Splinter Cell: Conviction movie for PAX – watch it on YouTube. It features a cat playing a piano. Honestly, it does. It also has men with guns, in case you were getting worried. It’s out next year.

  • Capcom throwing RE5 PC party at PAX, bringing loads of goodies

    Capcom has outlined all the “cool” that it will offer PAX goers who stop by the booth during the event. Along with the RE5 PC launch party, limited edition items on hand at the Capcom store, there will be games present at the booth. Here’s the goods: A limited number of passes (500 to be […]

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