Paramount Digital Entertainment headlines

Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India – sixth expansion to the series coming in spring

Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India is the sixth expansion to the series, and it’s slated for release this spring.

  • The Gorn to terrorize Kirk and Spock in Star Trek the game, says Namco

    Paramount and Namco have revealed the key villain in the Star Trek video game inspired by J.J. Abrams Star Trek film reboot and it’s The Gorn. The co-op game is based on a standalone storyline that continues the adventure of Kirk and Spock. It was also announced Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto who play the […]

  • Star Trek gets E3 gameplay trailer

    Digital Extreme showed off a new trailer for their upcoming title Star Trek during the Sony E 3 press conference. The trailer shows pre-alpha gameplay footage from the title and gives you a glimpse at its world. It also contains some great music. Based on the JJ Abrams film, Star Trek is slated for a […]

  • Star Trek game based on 2009 film announced, co-op as Kirk and Spock

    Paramount Entertainment has announced Star Trek, and action-adventure co-op experience from Digital Extremes working closely with Bad Robot, K/O Paper Products and Damon Lindelof.

  • Days of Thunder: Arcade hitting Xbox Live this winter

    Paramount and Piranha Games announced today the development of Days of Thunder: Arcade, which will be available for download this winter on Xbox Live.

  • Top Gun hitting PSN, Ray-Bans and bomber jacket not included

    Top Gun has been announced by doublesix, exclusively for PSN.

  • Star Trek: DAC for PC and PSN in November

    Paramount’s Star Trek: DAC will release for PC and PS3 this November. The new version – it premiered on Live earlier this year – will feature new ship classes, variable AI settings and new modes. The PC game’s 3D-compatible, in addition. PR after the break.

  • Cryptic taking apps for Star Trek Online Beta

    Cryptic has started accepting applications for closed Beta for Star Trek Online. No word on when it will start, but according to Cryptic it will happen later this year. Those lucky enough to have purchased a six-month subscription to Champions Online, are given a spot. Sign up are here, with more information to be provided […]

  • Star Trek Online to be playable at PAX 2009

    Cryptic Studios will be showing off Star Trek Online at PAX next weekend in playable form. This is one of the first times the game has been shown to the public, so be on the look out for public reactions. Loads of assets will probably come out of it too, so keep your eyes glued […]

  • Star Trek: D-A-C to hit PSN later this summer

    Paramount has announced that Star Trek: D-A-C will arrive on PSN later this summer. Inspired by the movie revamp by LOST creator JJ Abrams, D-A-C is a multiplayer top-down space shooter and the PS3 version will contain a new and exclusive ship class and updated features. It’s already on Xbox 360 through XBL, and is […]

  • Molyneux to deliver keynote at GDC Europe

    Peter Molyneux has been announced for GDC Europe where he will provide a lecture on ‘Choice: The Ultimate Game Mechanic’, using the Fable franchise along with Black & White to show “how choice can be a compelling game mechanic so long as player decisions have tangible effects on the game world.” Interesting. Also of note, […]

  • Star Trek DAC now Live

    Nelson sends word that Star Trek DAC is now up on Live. It’ll cost you 800 Points. Blurb: Star Trek®: D-A-C is a fast-paced, top-down space shooter inspired by the new motion picture. This pick-up and play game allows you and your friends to choose starships ( from a list including the all-new U.S.S. Enterprise […]

  • Star Trek: DAC movie has proper movie bits in it

    Paramount’s put out a trailer of Star Trek: DAC this morning, showing a bit of gameplay interspersed with footage from the film’s trailer. It’s well epic. It’s after the break. You’ll find some new screens there too. It’s out this month.

  • The Warriors XBLA has screens, can probably dig it

    Paramount’s put out first proper shots of its XBLA Warriors remake. Get them after the break. The game’s out this summer as part of the film’s 30th birthday celebrations. Looks like Streets of Rage with bad make-up. Bear in mind this is made by CTXM: it’s got nothing to do with Rockstar. Solid date soon, […]