New York Comic Con 2009 headlines

New DC Universe trailer shows villain PvP action

New gameplay footage of DC Universe Online was released at New York Comic Con at the weekend, showing PvP action with villainous players. After the jump. It’s a walkthrough featuring a scary-looking clown (as opposed to any other kind) who has inhuman strength, loads of speed and psi-blasts to top it all off. Take a […]

  • Ortega: Gears of War is a "ten-year plan"

    Gears of War 2 writer Josh Ortega told a panel at Comic Con this weekend that Epic has a ten-year plan for the Gears of War franchise. These are words we’re very glad to hear. “You will not be disappointed in the next ten years,” Ortega said. “It’s a ten-year plan. Gears is long-term. The […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars to have "replay feature," co-op

    The upcoming GTA: Chinatown Wars is to have a “replay feature,” according to a flyer handed out on the DS game at Comic Con this weekend. The game will also have head-to-head and co-op options, as well as stat tacking and leaderboards. Looks like it may well be time to dust off your little white […]

  • Star Trek Online alien creation tool gets video

    Cryptic showed more on Star Trek Online at Comic Con this weekend, specifically on its Alien Creator. There’s a video of it in action after the break. The tool’s used for… creating aliens. You can basically play as any race you can come up with in the MMO. Cryptic says there are “thousands” of possible […]

  • Overlord II - video from Comic Con

    Gamespot’s posted a lengthy off-screen video of Overlord II from Comic Con this weekend, the first, as far as we know. Watch it after the break. There’s loads of gameplay in there and commentary from one of the developers. It’s out this year for PC, PS3 and 360.

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer shows super-war

    Superheroes everywhere. Acitvision’s got into the Comic Con spirit by releasing a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion trailer, and very super it looks too. After the break. The action RPG will be high on the list for super-fans, what with its warring superheroes, super effects and ability to combine powers. No firm details on this, […]

  • New York Comic Con - All the previews

    New York Comic Con’s now well under way, and a bunch of big-name hands-ons got posted overnight. You may want to read them. You are, therefore, in luck. Sorry, we’re just writing words for the sake of it. Looks as though plenty of that’s been done already: Wolverine Claws of Olympus hands-on (Joystiq) GTA Chinatown […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars playable at Comic Con

    GTA: Chinatown Wars will be playable at New York’s Comic Con this weekend, according to this Kotaku story. The DS game will be found at Rockstar’s booth, #1563. We suspect this may be a popular exhibit, so if you’re going to bother trying to get close to it take a bat, or something.