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  • Afrika releasing in US this year

    Natsume is to release PS3’s Afrika in the US this year, according to this IGN report. We know at least two people that’ll be pleased by this. There’s lots of preview detail through the link. Same thing. Still has charging hippos.

  • Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition on Wii for your kids

    Natsume has detailed its latest game for family friendly fun, and it’s called Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition. Set to be released this summer on Wii, players will take on the role of a wildlife photographer on Animal Island. Each day a new task is given and you have to take pictures of the animals doing […]

  • Natsume joins ESA

    Natsume’s joined the ESA, the publisher’s confirmed. “Natsume is a respected video game publisher and a welcome addition to the ESA,” said ESA boss Michael Gallagher. “We are pleased to represent them and look forward to working with Natsume‚Äôs talented leadership and employees as they lead the way in developing creative new gaming experiences for […]

  • EA, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, D3, Natsume and XSEED confirm E3 line-ups

    IGN’s posted E3 line-ups from a decent list of companies on its Big E3 Games List, so the “excitement” for this year’s show officially starts here. W00t. Notables in there are Resident Evil 5, Crysis Warhead, Mirror’s Edge, LOTR: Conquest and Killzone 2. Expect there to be a race among sites for the next month […]

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