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  • Black Ops blacklisting scuffle resolved

    Gameblog, the French website at the centre of a blacklisting scandal, has announced a resolution to its conflict with Activision.

  • Donlan, Parkin, Porter, Stuart launch Hookshot Inc

    A team of UK journalists have announced this morning the launch of Hookshot Inc, a website solely focussed on downloadable games costing under $15.

  • PALGN staff resign following internal dispute

    Staff for Australian gaming site PALGN have resigned from the site, although will continue to work on the site until end of play this Friday. The confirmation, according to MCV Pacific, came in a mail from site vet site executive editor Jeremy Jastrzab, which noted the call ” stems from an inability for the editorial […]

  • to relaunch in UK and US, drop forced registration

    Trade side will drop its requirement for registration this month, and is to relaunch with editorial and sales in both the US and UK.

  • Eurogamer Network hits 5.7 million unique users

    Eurogamer Network traffic rose 10% year-over-year for November 2011, the company said today, quoting figures from its latest ABC audit.

  • Voodoo Extreme, Team Xbox culled, Future lays-off more

    Future US staff have been culled in a wave of lay-offs, while IGN has scrapped two entire sites.

  • Kristan Reed named new Pocket Gamer EIC

    Pocket Gamer’s parent organisation Steel Media’s announced this morning ex-Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed will become Pocket Gamer’s new Editor-In-Chief. Reed will overlook, as well as the trade-based PocketGamer.Biz, noting he was “looking forward to helping the team to take the Pocket Gamer sites to the next level.” Reed’s hiring comes on the back of […]

  • SOPA blackout: JAW, Oddworld, RPS, Gama, SavyGamer protest

    Oddworld developer Just Add Water and the Oddworld website, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Gamasutra and SavyGamer have all blacked out in protest to SOPA this morning.

  • Ex-Ars Technica editor joins Penny Arcade

    Ars Technica gaming editor Ben Kuchera has bid farewell to the site in favour of a new role at Penny Arcade. Although details are yet to be locked down, it appears the site, which harbours a solid community and runs Child’s Play in addition to the eponymous comic, will soon play host to a games […]

  • VentureBeat acquires Bitmob, Dan "Shoe" Hsu named GamesBeat editor-in-chief

    VentureBeat has acquired Bitmob, and its founder, as well as former Ziff Davis Media editorial director, Dan “Shoe” Hsu, has been brought on as GamesBeat’s editor-in-chief. Ben Popper, one of the founding editors of The New York Observer’s Silicon Alley blog, Betabeat, was also hired on as VentureBeat’s east coast editor. VB’s goal with the […]

  • Edge gets The Last of Us cover for next issue

    Edge has promised a cover story for The Last of Us as part of its February issue, due next week. The mag, which features new artwork not seen before, will have an “in-depth” preview of the upcoming new Naughty Dog action IP. Also promised are features on Plants vs Zombies, Zen Pinball dev Zen Studios, […]

  • All change: James Binns quits Future, Richard Keith returns

    James Binns, head of Edge and PC gaming at Future, will leave the company on Friday to concentrate on other projects, reports GamesIndustry.

  • Joystiq group, Crecente to form VOX Games - details

    VOX Media CEO Jim Bankoff has announced on Twitter that the recently departed group of Joystiq journalists, as well as ex-Kotaku editor Brian Crecente, have joined the group.

  • Brian Crecente quits Kotaku

    Kotaku editor Brian Crecente has confirmed he’s to leave the site. Crecente had been with the US blog for seven years, and makes no mention of what he’s to do next. Stephen Totilo, previously of MTV and Kotaku’s deputy editor, will assume the role of editor-in-chief. Crecente is the latest in a string of senior […]

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