Jack Thompson headlines

GTA movie “pretty well levered”, says Paxton

GTA movie star Bill Paxton believes the project turns on an interestingly balanced debate.

  • Violent gaming debates reignited by Sandy Hook tragedy

    It’s hard to know what to say in the wake of the appalling loss of seven adults and 20 children in a shooting spree in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, but there’s no denying that violence in games is back in the mainstream media spotlight.

  • Jack Thompson on Medal of Honor: gamers can "go to Hell"

    Jack Thompson is back. He’s protected “our culture.” Don’t believe him? “Go to Hell.”

  • EG Expo 2010: RAGE session liveblog - more news on multiplayer coming next year

    Tim Willits from id Software and his rich, Texan accent showed off RAGE at the Eurogamer Expo today, and we were there liveblogging what was shown of the post-apocalyptic shooter. It sounds like an awesome game, and you can get caught up on what we saw below.

  • Jack Thompson calls Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick a sociopath

    Disbarred attorney Jack Thompson has called Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick “a sociopath” in an interview with VGChartz. No joke. He also insulted his parents. Just for good measure. When asked if he thought parents should be lawfully punished for purchasing M-rated games for their children, Thompson disagreed – but only to an extent. “How would […]

  • It’s over: Jack Thompson officially disbarred

    30 days and zero appeals later, Jack Thompson’s career in “law” is finally kaput. The Florida Bar’s website, after a quick search for the unsuccessful law-fighter, serves as official proof of the man’s disbarment. A large, bold, “Not Eligible to practice in Florida” is now the most noticeable aspect of his profile. Neat. Go check […]

  • Jack Thompson to be disbarred in 30 days

    Kotaku’s reporting that Jack Thompson has finally, genuinely been disbarred. Or at least he will be 30 days from now. A US court has approved a previous ruling made by Judge Dava Tunis that Thompson be permanently removed from the law professions, stating: The Court approves the corrected referee’s report and John Bruce Thompson is […]

  • Thompson calls judge a "raving wild woman"

    In a letter to the Judicial Qualifications Commission, Jack Thompson has called judge Dava Junis a “raving wild woman” and labelled her “unhinged,” writes Kotaku. Judge Dava Junis was the woman who recommended that Thompson be disbarred for 10 years and undergo a mental health exam. In his letter which of course rebukes her recommendations, […]

  • Thompson sanctioned by Florida Supreme Court

    God. Just stop. News arrives today that the Florida Supreme Court has told anti-game legal nutter Jack Thompson that he’s not allowed to bring any more cases to the court’s attention and must instead hire another lawyer. The lawyer is also facing disbarment, a case currently in the works. Assuming you can be bothered, hit […]

  • Thompson fires mad letter back at EA about Take-Two litigation

    This is proper bonkers. Jack Thompson has now accused EA of lack of due diligence in its attempt to take over Take-Two following the publishers rebuttal this morning of Jack’s offer to “help” with the deal. Thompson says he has a client that’s been heavily “stiffed” by Take-Two, a tale he sees an endemic to […]

  • EA says working with Jack Thompson is "impossible"

    EA would “strongly prefer” if Jack Thompson had nothing to do with its dealings with Take-Two. The anti-game lawyer had previously offered to lend a helping hand to the gaming giant in its efforts to take control of Take-Two, primarily as a way of taking out Jack’s nemesis and GTA publisher, Strauss Zelnick. No thanks, […]

  • Thompson stands up to help EA evict "Zelnick Trojan Horse"

    Jack Thompson has offered his help to EA in securing a take-over of Take-Two, and in the process getting rid of Strauss Zelnick, the publisher head he blames pretty much everything in the world on. “I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls,” he […]

  • Thompson threatens NIU with lawsuit

    Jack Thompson has written to North Illinois University threatening a lawsuit if the institution doesn’t hand over any documents related to killer Steven Kazmierczak’s experience with videogames. “Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request production of copies of all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent video games, including but […]

  • Thompson's "murder simulator" tag is "laughably incorrect", says expert

    Lord. Anti-games protestor Jack Thompson can’t help himself. Not content with launching ostensibly insane claims about last week’s North Illinois University shootings, he’s now decided to ‘join in’ with the Destructoid community’s discussion about his involvement with the situation. “We need to get you sociopathics kiddies off these murder simulators and back to doing your […]