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Metal Gear Solid 5 sneaks into October’s free PS Plus line-up

Now’s your best chance to play the grand finale to Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

  • Rumor: Devs already working on "new Nintendo platform"

    Videogamer reckons it’s heard that developers are already working on a “new Nintendo platform” ahead of a possible announcement by Nintendo at GDC.

  • UK PS video store update - Action in HD

    The EU PS Blog has updated the UK video store, and it’s full of action-packed goodies in HD. There’s also a few in there for the ladies too, like King Arthur and horsey-flick Hidalgo. Read below to see what else is on offer.

  • Forrester Research analyst calls 3D reports "mostly hype"

    James McQuivey, Forrester Research analyst and VP, has weighed in on all the 3D tech and news floating about, and has labeled it nothing more than “hype”, citing that not even one million US homes in 2010 will own a 3D capable television.

  • Halo Legends gets a date with Blu-ray, DVD

    The Halo Legends DVD has a date with North America and Europe on February 16, and will come in a standard edition, a two-disc special edition, and Blu-ray.

  • Dille: Sony to reposition PS3 as "a total entertainment solution"

    Sony’s Peter Dille has said that the company is repositioning PS3 as the “total entertainment solution”. The massive ad campaigns rolling out in September will focus more on the Blu-ray, movie download capabilities, “mums and families,” and less on games. “We have been a game company for years and we would never walk away from […]

  • PS3 movie store may allow "one-time courtesy" download if you delete

    Despite the fact the US PC movie store clearly states in its terms and conditions that downloaded content stays deleted if you deleted it, Arstechnica’s reporting the SCEA is, in fact, a little more lenient than advertised with its DRM policy. “If a consumer deletes a purchased movie from their PS3, they will not be […]

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD drives selling for €9.99 in Ireland

    According to this Engadget piece, Xbox 360 HD-DVD drives are now selling for €9.99 at some Irish retailers. The drive comes with the 360’s Media Remote bundled, so this isn’t as stupid a buy as it may seem. Click through for all the details.

  • Best Buy gives $10 million to HD-DVD adopters

    US retailer Best Buy is to give away $50 credit notes to anyone who bought into HD-DVD, according to this, an initiative likely to cost up to $10 million. Anyone that can provide a receipt saying they bought a now defunct HD-DVD player from the firm will be eligible for the gift. Circuit City is […]

  • Microsoft dismisses discs as "historic phenomenon", says downloads are the (near) future

    Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis reckons “shiny discs” are going to be cast aside in the media race far faster than people suspect, and that Microsoft and Xbox 360 are in the perfect place to take advantage of the trend. “Going forwards, digital downloads is really where it’s at,” Lewis said. “More and more people’s […]

  • Toshiba to take $1 billion hit on HD-DVD

    The Nikkei’s reporting the Toshiba is likely to write down just under $1 billion in its failed war on Blu-ray. The company has refused to comment on the report, which has hit the firm’s share price to the tune of 2.3 percent. Toshiba is still expected to post a 250 billion yen operating profit for […]

  • Xbox 360 HD-DVD player discontinued

    Here. Apparently Microsoft will still support and repair your player based on the standard warranty, but seeing as the only reason you’re going to be buying one or keeping the one you have is to show your grandchildren how l33t hardcore you are, there’s probably not a great deal of point.

  • Toshiba announces discontinuation of HD-DVD businesses

    As predicted, Toshiba’s confirmed a “discontinuation” of its HD-DVD businesses. In a statement, the company said: Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has undertaken a thorough review of its overall strategy for HD DVD and has decided it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders. This decision has been made […]

  • HD-DVD press conference at 8am GMT today

    According to this, Toshiba is about to hold a press conference detailing the fate of HD-DVD, as reported by Nikkei. Don’t blame us if we’ve got the time wrong. It’s 6.30am and there’s no coffee in the house. As reported yesterday, Toshiba is expected to announce a complete withdrawal from the next gen disc business. […]

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