Hasbro headlines

My Little Pony creator to help resurrect Fighting is Magic game

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic creator Lauren Faust has signed on to help fan developer Mane6 resurrect its tribute fighting game. Hasbro shut the not-for-profit title down last month, but as detailed on Mane6’s blog, Faust is going to help develop all new characters so as not to waste the significant work the team […]

  • Bejeweled, Bejeweled Blitz getting the board game treatment

    PopCap and Hasbro have teamed up to turn Bejeweled and Bejeweled Blitz into face-to-face games. Polygon reports Bejeweled will task players with matching tiles and come with a download code for Bejeweled 3, while Bejeweled Blitz requires the rapid creation of card stacks and comes with free in-app items for the Facebook game. It’s not […]

  • Transformers Universe MMO gets a teaser video

    Runescape-owner Jagex has released a teaser video for its Transformers Universe MMO.

  • Jagex developing Transformers MMO

    Runescape-owner Jagex said today it’s developing an MMO based on Transformers. The game is to launch in 2012 in North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. No other detail was given – as to whether this will be a browser-based affair, and so on – but it’s confirmed that Hasbro is to “launch” […]

  • Monopoly City Streets has over 1.7 million visitors, has to be reset

    The browser-based version of Monopoly called City Streets launched last week, and has already had over 1.7 million visitors to it. Proving to be so popular has a price though, because the development team is being forced to reset Monopoly City Streets in order to do some improvements on the back end. It will go […]

  • Hasbro sues over Scrabulous

    Hasbro’s announced the launch of legal action against the creators of Facebook’s Scrabulous. The news comes after the firm request that the Scrabble-alike be removed from the networking site earlier this year fell on deaf ears: you can still play the game while managing your online popularity. “Hasbro has an obligation to act appropriately against […]