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  • New Buzz! for PSP this year

    SCEE’s just confirmed a new PSP Buzz! title for release in 2009. The new comes along with string of other PSP announcements today, such as confirmation of LittleBigPlanet, Assassin’s Creed and Motorstorm games for the end of the year. The identity of the Buzz! product hasn’t been confirmed. Press release after the drop.

  • American Mensa and Empire working on brain training game

    Empire and American Mensa are working together to create brain training games for console, handheld, Mac and PC, reports Gamasutra. Like the British Mensa, subjects are admitted into the non-profit if they score high enough on a rigorous standardized intelligence test. This is the first time Mensa has struck a deal with a games company. […]

  • Buzz! Brain of the UK announced - screenshots

    Sony has just announced Buzz! Brain of the UK, a new iteration of the rather excellent quiz series featuring over 4000 questions based purely on the United Kingdom. “It’s not just kings and queens, though,” says the press release in case you were wondering. “You’ll find questions on diverse aspects of UK life: there’ll be […]

  • Buzz!: Quiz TV special edition announced

    What’s better than quizzes on your PS3? More quizzes on your PS3, obviously. Luckily, then, SCEE’s announced a special edition of Buzz!: Quiz TV, for release in early November. It’s got 1,000 new questions, new buzzer noises and other stuff. Full thing after the link.

  • Buzz!-maker confirms work on brand new IP, continues to "work closely with Sony"

    Speaking exclusively to VG247 today, Relentless Software – developer of PlayStation quiz smash, Buzz! – has confirmed that the company has a brand new IP in the works. “Yes, we have other stuff that we’re working on,” said creative boss David Amor. “We started with 12 people making Buzz!, and we’ve crept all the way […]

  • Buzz! Quiz TV first Blu-ray PS3 game to support Trophies and Firmware 2.40

    Sony’s confirmed that Buzz! Quiz TV will be the first released Blu-ray PS3 game to support Trophies. The game hits retail on Friday, and was included on the list of titles showing Trophy support put out by SCEE yesterday. Firmware 2.40 will release worldwide tomorrow. A Sony rep just confirmed on the phone that the […]

  • Buzz! Quiz TV out on July 4

    According to this Eurogamer piece, Buzz! Quiz TV will be out in Europe on July 4. Apparently the PS3 titles comes with wireless buzzers and 5,000 questions, so you can’t say fairer than that. Also, this is down as an “autumn” release, so it looks as though it’s been brought forward. Astonishing.

  • MS Gamer's Day: New titles unearthed ahead of SF event

    A chap over at Neogaf‘s uncovered some new game titles while sniffing around on Microsoft’s site for Banjo shots, including what looks to be a new Viva Pinata game (shots here) and a Scene It? sequel. Given how watertight info on tomorrow’s Gamer’s Day has been so far, do die of shock if you see […]

  • Buzz! for PS3 and PSP "this spring"

    According to this, SCEE’s planning to release Buzz! Quiz TV “around the same time” as Buzz! for PSP “this spring.” There was no solid release date for either title. Buzz! is the Brighton-developed, PlayStation-exclusive quiz franchise that’s been in the news recently for being the subject of a US lawsuit filed by Californian quiz outfit, […]

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