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  • Doctor Who: 50th anniversary browser game takes over Google homepage

    Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is coming up. You might have heard? Google’s search page has been taken over by a browser game dedicated to all things ‘Who.’

  • Candy Crush Saga celebrates first mobile anniversary, half a billion downloads served

    Candy Crush Saga has turned one on mobile formats with half a billion downloads across all formats and 150 billion games played since launch.

  • Quake Live is moving out of web browsers to a standalone client

    Online FPS Quake Live will transition to a standalone game client by the end of the year.

  • Evil Genius Online goes into beta next week

    Rebellion has announced that social reboot Evil Genius Online will go into beta next week; if all goes as planned, doors will open to testers on October 23. The developer has asked registered participants to keep an eye out for en email granting access to both the test and a forum for sharing feedback; unfortunately, […]

  • Panzer General Online closed beta kicks off, register now

    Panzer General Online has gone into closed beta; if you’re keen to check out the free-to-play version of the long-running PC series, register now. Co-developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and Funatics Software, Panzer General Online boasts tactical battles and card collecting in your browser. It has both a single-player campaign and several multiplayer modes, and […]

  • Tekken Card Tournament tots up 5 million downloads

    Namco Bandai’s free-to-play card battler experiment is proving quite popular; the publisher has announced that Tekken Card Tournament has passed 5 million downloads. The fighter-themed mobile, tablet and browser title is offering 40% off digital card boosters for a limited time to celebrate the milestone. Additionally, it’s been updated with four new languages and verious […]

  • Auto Club Revolution dev diary shows the creation of Brands Hatch

    Auto Club Revolution developer Eutechnyx is adding the iconic UK track Brands Hatch to its online racer, and this latest developer diary shows how the team laser scanned and crafted the circuit with real authenticity. Check it out here.

  • Chrome packaged apps now available in offline mode, Spelunky released

    Chrome’s browsers games now support offline play, just in time for the Chrome launch of rather brutal rogue-like Spelunky.

  • StarCraft pro Day9 making mystery browser game

    StarCraft pro player Sean “Day[9]” Plott has joined new developer Artillery as head of games, and will manage game design on a mysterious new browser project.

  • Card Hunter goes live September 12, beta access available now

    Free-to-play, browser based collectible card game Card Hunter is due to launch on September 12, developer Blue Manchu has announced. The team behind the game is made up of former Irrational Games and Looking Glass staff, as well as the creator and designer of Magic: The Gathering. You can get in on the beta ahead […]

  • Disney is shutting down Toontown Online

    In a story ripped straight from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Disney has announced that it is closing Toontown Online, the long-running children’s MMO, along with two other virtual worlds. They’ll go offline in September.

  • Panzer General Online headed to browsers this year

    Ubisoft has announced a new addition to its free-to-play line-up: turn-based strategy effort Panzer General Online.

  • Notch made a zombie game, and you can play it free now.

    Minecraft creator Notch participated in a first-person shooter game jam, and he had to put something together in seven days, and what came out of that is a Unity-powered arcade-style zombie arena called Shambles in which the mouse sensitivity is too low. There’s no objective; just run around killing for points and to collect health […]

  • Anno franchise turns 15, MMO celebrates

    Anno Online is celebrating the 15th “ANNOversary” of the franchise – Ubisoft made that joke – with a number of limited time events and offers.

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