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GameTap adding Fable, Ages, and other Microsoft PC titles to service

GameTap has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Games to bring some of its PC titles to subscription-based service Here are the ones added so far: Age of Mythology Age of Empires 2 Rise of Nations Freelancer Fable: The Lost Chapters Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries Zoo Tycoon series European and North American subscribers can start the […]

  • GameTap adds more Grimm, Just Cause is free until March 26

    American McGee’s Grimm Volume 3 is starting to wind down, what with only two episodes left after this week’s offering of Sleeping Beauty. In Grimm’s sordid version of the fairy tale, a socially awkward witch puts a kingdom to sleep for 100 years. This promises to be the longest episode yet. Also, Just Cause has […]

  • New Grimm and Rogue Trooper free on GameTap for limited time

    GameTap has announced that Pinocchio, the new American McGee’s Grimm episode, is now available and free to play for the first 24 hours. Eidos and Rebellion’s Rogue Trooper also free to play until March 12. Free is good. Hit the link for more details.

  • GameTap Thursday lets you play Sacred Gold and Grimm for free

    GameTap has added a new American McGee’s Grimm episode to the line-up this week. Grimm, the wee-happy troll, goes to China where he meets the cross-dressing-warrior-woman Mulan and makes the Yellow River earn its name. Non-subscribers can play this too, because new episodes of Grimm are always free for the first 24 hours. Speaking of […]

  • Four-part Sonic Retrospective up on YouTube

    GameTap has an exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog retrospective over on its YouTube channel. The documentary is over 24 minutes long, broken into four parts, and features members of the original Sonic Team speaking together for the first time, including: Naoto Ohshima, Illustrator Yuji Naka, Programmer Hirokazu Yasuhara, Level Designer Shinobu Toyoda, Executive Vice President, SEGA […]

  • American McGee's Grimm: Volume 3 will be the last of the series

    America McGee’s Grimm: Volume 3 will be the last in the point and click adventure, says GameTap. The online gaming site is celebrating the series upcoming February 12 release by making all episodes of Volume 2 free to play this weekend. So, if you want to step into the shoes of the naughty troll Grimm […]