Gamecock headlines

Renegade Kid cancels Dracula game Son of the Dragon

Renegade Kid has announced that “fantasy Gothic” game Son of the Dragon has been canceled. “It brings us no pleasure to announce that it is no longer in development,” said a post on the company’s site. “The intellectual property is still owned by Renegade Kid. Should an opportunity to resurrect Son of the Dragon present […]

  • Mushroom Men coming to Europe in March

    Come March, Europe will geta taste of Southpeak’s Mushroom Men when they finally land on DS and Wii. Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is a 3D platformer in its Wii incarnation, while Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi is a side-scrolling action prequel to the former for DS. The US got them in December of […]

  • No Velvet Assassin for PS3, says Gamecock [updated]

    Speaking to PSU, a Gamecock rep confirmed that the Replay Studios was not going to bring the World War II stealth action title, Velvet Assassin to PlayStation 3. “Unfortunately there will not be a PS3 version of Velvet Assassin,” said the representative. “The reason being that Replay Studios started off as a PC development team, […]

  • SouthPeak CEO: Gamecock brand in question, but “independent mantra” isn’t

    With infamous formerly-indie publisher Gamecock now in the clutches of SouthPeak Interactive, it seems the Ken Levine-heckling group’s days of pranking and prodding are numbered. SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz did little to allay this sentiment with a cryptic response to MTV Multiplayer’s query on the topic. “[The Gamecock label’s future role] is still a work […]

  • SouthPeak buys Gamecock

    SouthPeak’s confirmed it’s acquired Mike Wilson’s Gamecock. Financial terms haven’t been disclosed. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with SouthPeak to continue to bring great original titles from independent developers to market with a stronger sales and distribution reach,” said Gamecock boss Mike Wilson. “We have followed each other’s progress closely over the last […]

  • Velvet Assassin moves to Q1 2009

    Gamecock’s Velvet Assassin has moved into the fourth quarter of next year, Eurogamer reports, back from a planned October release. The move will bring the spy-based, WWII action title in line with its US launch, the publisher said today. There’s more through there.

  • Gamecock titles on Steam now

    Valve and Gamecock have announced that Firefly Studios’ Stronghold Crusader Extreme and Insecticide Part 1 are now both available on Steam for $30. More Gamecock titles will follow later this year, including the promising action game, Velvet Assassin. And that’s that.

  • New Velvet Assassin screens and weapon details released

    Gamecock’s put out new shots and weapon details of upcoming WWII spy thing, Velvet Assassin. See the lot on Destructoid. This is starting to look promising, if we’re being honest, following a real-life lady spy behind enemy lines during the War. Have a look.

  • Gamecock partners with cdv for European distribution

    Exactly what is says on the tin. The agreement covers the licensing, marketing and distribution of the Gamecock’s portfolio in Europe. “We are thrilled to work with a renowned and successful partner like Gamecock Media Group,” said cdv CEO Christian Gloe. “This agreement, which covers a very solid and diverse product portfolio, represents another step […]

  • Gamecock boss takes full piss out of ESA and E3

    Gamecock chief Mike Wilson is standing for the ESA presidency, apparently. The publisher issued a press release last night saying Wilson would attempt to take control of the organisation in an effort to bring “fun back to the gaming industry”. “I read last week that some of my most high profile supporters are not happy […]

  • Gamecock goes digital download

    Gamecock’s announced that it’s to start selling its games digitally with partner GamersGate. Stronghold Crusader Extreme will be the first title released on the service as part of the deal later this month. “This is an important partnership for us because GamersGate really delivers to players,” said Gamecock boss Harry Miller. “Working with GamersGate to […]

  • Gamecock signs up to amBX

    According to this MCV piece, Gamecock games are to support amBX going forward. The publisher’s games – such as Legendary and Velvet Assassin – will support the Philips “sensory” tech. Jo Cooke, chief marketing officer for amBX, said, “Gamecock is another top drawer publisher signing for amBX. Our involvement with Gamecock at EIEIO allowed us […]

  • Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball delayed

    Gamecock’s delayed the release of XBLA’s Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball until “later this spring”. There’s not a lot more to say. So read the press release after the link.

  • Sronghold Crusader Extreme confirmed by Gamecock

    An “improved” version of strategy game Sronghold Crusader has been announced by Gamecock and developer Firefly promising “huge battles with over 10000 units on screen, a new Extreme Trail which will test even the best Crusader players and a new tactical aid bar which allows you to unleash super moves on your enemies.” Fantabulous. “Spring […]