Foundation 9 headlines

Foundation 9 CEO: 30 Percent of 360 owners buy XBLA Games

Foundation 9, developer of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for XBLA, reckons that around 30 percent of all 360 owners purchase games from the Marketplace.

  • Foundation 9 cuts back on staff, closes Fizz Factor Studio

    Foundation 9 has cut back on staff, closed its Fizz Factor studio and merged Amaze and Griptonite due to the slowing market. “It’s important to F9 to remain a strong and profitable studio, so that we can continue to provide the best possible services to our publishing partners and employees,” read a company statement. “From […]

  • Molyneux to deliver keynote at GDC Europe

    Peter Molyneux has been announced for GDC Europe where he will provide a lecture on ‘Choice: The Ultimate Game Mechanic’, using the Fable franchise along with Black & White to show “how choice can be a compelling game mechanic so long as player decisions have tangible effects on the game world.” Interesting. Also of note, […]

  • Dust settles on publisher E3 attendance confusion

    We thought we’d leave this last night as some of the details involved seemed less than solid. The confusion focused mainly on a Kotaku story that claimed six publishers were to quit E3. The story’s been edited since publication – as you can see from the original URL – with the headline now reading “Five […]