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Stargate MMO dev: “The lights here are still on”

Cheyenne Mountain marketing boss Kevin Balentine has dismissed claims that the firm’s Stargate MMO’s been flushed down the swanny, saying everything’s carrying on as planned. One of the IPs TV producers said on Monday that the game was likely dead. “Our official response is that the lights here are still on and the development team […]

  • Stargate MMO - "It should be happening now if it was happening"

    This doesn’t look hopeful. An executive producer of the Stargate TV series has insinuated that the licensed Cheyenne Mountain Stargate Worlds MMO is a dead duck, saying its failure to appear is “a terrible shame”. Brad Wright, who also worked as creative consultant on the title, was questioned on the game’s status by the GateWorld […]

  • Stargate Worlds beta sign-up open now

    MMO Stargate Worlds is now taking sign-ups for its beta, as you can see on the game’s official site. The game’s based on the Egyptian sci-fi thing you may know and love, and has no fixed release date.