Eurogamer Expo 2009 headlines

Eurogamer Expo 2010 to be held in Earl’s Court

EG just announced that its 2010 Expo will take place in London’s Earl’s Court.

  • L4D2 Realism mode: Glows dropped, one-hit-kill Witch

    Valve’s finally confirmed proper details on Left 4 Dead 2’s Realism mode, saying it’ll be playable at all difficulty settings, will remove character glows to force teams to greatly increase communication, and give the Witch super-kill powers. “Realism mode isn’t just making Expert harder,” Valve boss Chet Faliszek said at the London leg of the […]

  • Watch Gibson and Bramwell talk about Eurogamer at EG Expo

    Didn’t attend the Eurogamer Expo? Didn’t catch the Q&A that Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson did in London? Dont worry, the site has you covered by giving you all 40 minutes of it. Oh, and there is the stark realisation that no one has a PSPgo. Oh dear. Find it through here.

  • PS3 is "the best platform" for Heavy Rain, says Cage

    Quantic Dream’s David Cage has revealed that the PlayStation 3 is “the best platform” available for Heavy Rain. He was speaking at his Q&A session during the Eurogamer Expo in London on Saturday, where he said the choice to make the game for the PS3 was down to two reasons: the hardware and the architecture […]

  • EG Expo - MAG movie shows sniping, dying

    Didn’t get on the MAG beta? Want to know what the Zipper shooter actually looks like in action? Hit the link. We shot this off-screen at the EG Expo in Leeds earlier this week. PS3-only, out next year. For the record, someone else was playing the game.

  • Gravity Crash out in November [Update]

    Update – Stewart told us this morning the game’s actually out in December. Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray said at the EG Expo yesterday that PSN-only vector-graphics shooter Gravity Crash is to release in November. That’s the European date, apparently, with a Japanese release happening soon after. Thanks, PS3Center.

  • Brink boss - PC-only sales cannot "justify" triple-A budgets

    Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood has said that PC-only projects simply cannot attract enough money from publishers to create triple-A results. “About two or three years ago we realised that we really wouldn’t survive if we only made PC games, since purely making PC games was incompatible with our goal of making triple-A games,” said […]

  • EG Expo - Split/Second video does the proper awesome

    Immediate joy. Hit the link to see video of two laps from Black Rock crash-racer Split/Second, filmed off-screen at today’s EG Expo in Leeds. Surprise of the show. It’s the most instant fun we’ve had with a car and a games console for a long time. The game’s out for PC, PS3 and 360 early […]

  • EG Expo - God of War III, eight minutes of gameplay video

    Hit the link for eight minutes of God of War III gameplay, shot off-screen today at the EG Expo in Leeds. It’s a bit bonkers, to be honest. This is filmed from the E3 code. Off you go. It’s out next year.

  • Brink to have dedicated servers

    Splash Damage boss Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood just confirmed in a Brink EG Expo session that the game will have dedicated servers for multiplay. He made a proper point of it, in fact. He said the aim is to have free, dedicated servers for the title available on day one. As you’d hope. We’ll go back […]

  • EG Expo kicks off, over 1,000 through doors in an hour

    The Leeds leg of EG Expo 2009 is now open, with over 1,000 gamers having queued through the morning outside the Armouries in the city’s centre. It’s completely sold out for both today and tomorrow, so don’t turn up if you don’t have a ticket: you won’t get it. Hit the link for pics from […]

  • EG Expo - Heavy Rain video of the Hassan's Shop section

    Hit the link for a five-minute movie of the Hassan’s Shop section of Heavy Rain. This is shot off-screen from the GamesCom build at today’s Eurogamer Expo in Leeds. The section sees an investigator, Shelby, going into a shop, talking to the shopkeeper and… well, take a look. The PS3 exclusive’s out early next year. […]

  • EG Expo - Full Dante's Inferno boss battle video, Limbo level

    Hit the link for a video of Eurogamer’s Craig Munro killing the shit out of the Dante’s Inferno Limbo boss. This is shot off-screen from the E3 build set up at today’s Eurogamer Expo in Leeds. The game’s out early next year. To be honest, it really does look fucking hot in the flesh. Check […]

  • EG Expo - All coverage here

    Eurogamer Expo’s on in Leeds today, and we’re here in the drizzle. We’ll be updating all day with videos, images and news, and all articles will be linked here. The show’s a sell-out. It’s on at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and is home to playable versions of God of War III, Mass Effect 2, […]

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