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  • EA, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, D3, Natsume and XSEED confirm E3 line-ups

    IGN’s posted E3 line-ups from a decent list of companies on its Big E3 Games List, so the “excitement” for this year’s show officially starts here. W00t. Notables in there are Resident Evil 5, Crysis Warhead, Mirror’s Edge, LOTR: Conquest and Killzone 2. Expect there to be a race among sites for the next month […]

  • Dark Sector demo on Live now

    Herr Nelson informs that there’s a Dark Sector demo up on Live now. Do youself a favour and give it a try. The D3 action title deserves at least a look, and now you can do it for no money.

  • Alone in the Dark is 15 hours long

    In the Q&A session after today’s London showing of Atari’s Alone in the Dark, the game’s producer, Nour Polloni, confirmed that the game would take around 15 hours to play through if you didn’t stop to take in the scenery. The French developer said that it would take approximately twice as long for the completists […]

  • Puzzle Quest expansion for XBLA

    Says so here. This is a game we’ve still yet to play, but we’re assured by the legions of people that treat us like lepers because of this that it’ pretty good. Apparently the expansion includes Bard, Rogue, Ranger and Warlock classes, as well as an undiscovered area containing 25 quests. It does not get […]

  • Dark Sector gold

    Here. The Americans are getting D3’s PS3 and 360 action title on March 25, while Europeans have to wait until an unfixed date in April. We’ll soon be able to see why Australia banned it, at least.

  • Dark Sector moves to April

    According to this, D3’s Dark Sector has slipped slightly from the “end of March” into April. The sci-fi action game still has no fixed release date. That piece also says that a demo is likely, but that final details are still being confirmed.

  • Dark Sector multiplayer features detailed

    Here. Dark Sector’s multiplayer is broken up into two distinct game types, Infection and Epidemic. In the former, one payer takes on the role of protaganist Hayden, the others as up to nine bad guys. In the latter, players are divided into two equal teams. Read more through the link. D3’s sci-fi action slasher’s out […]

  • DE boss backs away from Dark Sector PS3 debacle

    In an email sent to CVG, Digital Extremes CEO James Schmalz has been quick to nullify remarks made by producer Josh Austin yesterday that the PS3 version was “just not running as good as 360,” and the developer had “serious discussions about what we were going to do”. “Never once did we feel we could […]

  • "Monster-as-hero convention" sets Dark Sector against Prototype, says Digital Extremes

    Dark Sector’s powered-up protagonist ethic has put it in competition with Vivendi’s superb-looking Prototype, Digital Extremes’ Dave Kudirka has told videogaming247. “There are a few action titles coming out in this first quarter that we’ll be competing with, but Prototype is definitely the title that appears to have generated comparison to Dark Sector in the […]

  • Dark Sector PS3 was nearly scrapped, says developer

    Speaking here, Josh Austin, producer for Digital Extremes’ Dark Sector, has said that towards the end of the game’s development period the team almost binned the PS3 version because they couldn’t get it up to muster with the 360 SKU. “This is the PS3 version,” he said here, showing off the game. “It looks just […]

  • D3 publishing Bangai-O Spirits in the US

    Treasure’s Bangai-O Spirits is to be handled by D3 in America, the publisher just confirmed. The DS shooter is slated for the second quarter. As reported this morning, you’ll be able to create levels and transmit them to other consoles through headphones and proper Spectrum-style squeaky noises. It has to be awesome. No news on […]

  • Dark Sector banned in Australia

    Whoops. Australia’s trigger happy censor board – the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) – has refused to grant a rating to D3’s Dark Sector. The sci-fi action game contains, according to the OFLC, “violence that is high in impact and is therefore unsuitable for persons aged under 18 years to play. The finishing […]

  • Dead Head Fred wins Writer's Guild award

    D3Publishing’s Dead Head Fred has won the first Writer’s Guild of America video award given to a game. The PSP title’s script was penned by Dave Ellis and Adam Cogan, and developed by Vicious Cycle. Press release here.

  • Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed

    We missed this, again showing are ace press release-reading skills. At the bottom of this announcement was confirmation of a sequel to Puzzle Quest, the funny game Tom Bramwell likes and we keep meaning to play. No release date, details, etc.

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