Taiwan headlines

Nintendo to shutter Taiwan subsidiary on May 31

Nintendo will shut down its Taiwan offices, Nintendo Phuten, by May 31 according to a report on gnn.gamer. The Phuten offices are in charge of selling hardware and software for Nintendo in the region. The sector will now be handled by the Nintendo Hong Kong subsidiary. Employees will have left the Taiwan offices by the […]

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4, Freedom Wars & Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z gameplay escapes Taipei Game Show

    Asian expo Taipei Game Show has yielded plenty of new gameplay footage from Ultra Street Fighter 4, Freedom Wars, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and other titles. See them all in action here.

  • Xbox One releasing in Asia 2014, no mention of Japan yet

    Xbox One will launch across various Asian territories in 2014, but there’s no word of Japan yet, possibly because Xbox 360 has performed poorly there over the years.

  • Report - Taiwanese youth dies after gaming marathon

    An 18 year old has died after a marathon gaming session, according to a report in the Taiwanese United Daily News, via AAP. The young man apparently booked a private room at an Internet cafe, fired up Diablo III, and spent 40 hours sitting almost perfectly still. An attendant found him unconscious and called an […]

  • Cerulean Blue, Shimmer Pink 3DS coming to Hong Kong and Taiwan

    Check out these vivid new 3DS varieties Nintendo has lined up for Hong Kong and Taiwan. The system launches in both territories in September, and will apparently do so in style in Cerulean Blue and Shimmer Pink, alongside the new 3DS XL. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Ninety-Nine Knights to launch as Far East MMO

    Xbox 360 action series Ninety-Nine Nights is being turned into computer-based MMORPG for Japan and Taiwan, according to a 4Gamers report (via Kotaku). Details are scarce, but the title is to apparently feature art and character designs from former SNK character designer Falcoon. The first Ninety-Nine Knights title, a collaboration between Q and Phantagram, released […]

  • Analyst firm projects online market in Asia to reach $1.7 billion by 2014

    Niko Partners has estimated, thanks to a recent study, that the South East Asian online market is will be worth $917 million by the end of the year, and worth $1.7 billion by 2014.

  • Report: Japanese 360 price cut imminent

    Microsoft is to hold a press conference in Japan tomorrow in order to announce Asian 360 price cuts, according to Microsoft Hong Kong’s Julie Leong, NetworkWorld reports. According to that piece, parts of Asia-Pacific will begin enjoying dropped 360s on on September 10. The SRP of an Elite will be lowered by around 28 percent […]

  • Sony boosts PS3 dev with Taiwanese government

    Sony’s to work with Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to “nurture and support” local PS3 software development, according to this TMCNet piece. The Taiwanese government is to shoulder 40 percent of all dev costs incurred by teams in the country. Nice. Hit the link for the full thing.

  • Warhammer Online gets Asian launch next week

    Warhammer Online is to launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau next week via GigaMedia’s FunTown game platform, Kotaku reports. The Mythic MMO currently has around 300,000 subs in the US.

  • Home hitting Asia this "fall"

    Sony’s put out a press release saying Home will release in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan in “fall 2008”. There’s going to be a closed beta in “mid-September,” apparently. Full thing after the drop. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Far Eastern sites post 145 Fallout 3 shots

    NMA’s reporting that a Fallout 3 showing in Taiwan has resulted in the Chinese and Taiwanese sites posting 145 off-screen shots of the RPG, as you can see through the link. There’s a shitload of spoiler through there, so don’t be tempted if you’re saving yourself. Thanks, Brother None.

  • FFXIII 360 Asian version confirmed

    According to this Kotaku story, Microsoft Taiwan head, Grace Chou, announced at the company’s recent gaming exhibition in Taipei that Final Fantasy XIII 360 would retail in Taiwan. As to which localised version will go on sale is still undecided says Chou, but Kotaku speculates that it could well mean that Japanese 360 owners could […]

  • Rumour: Taiwanese Wii to be stripped bare

    According to a rumour over at Gonintendo, Taiwanese Wii customers will not get the Forecast Channel, News Channel Channel, Internet Channel, Nintendo Channel, Everybody Votes Channel and Check Mii out Channel when the machine launches today. They will however get the Wii Shop Channel – just not right away. We’ve got no idea why they’re […]