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  • No Animal Crossing-Wii Speak bundle for Scandinavia

    Catastrophe this morning for the Nordic region, as news hits that the Animal Crossing-Wii Speak bundle won’t be available in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Apparently our Northern cousins will be able to buy the game and microphone peripheral separately, but not in the same pack. Expect viking fury about this over the course of the […]

  • Watch 20 minutes of Far Cry 2 gameplay from Sweden

    On Shacknews. This massive demo’s taken from the recent DreamHack computer festival in Sweden, and shows the open-world Ubi shooter in all its glory. It’s area’s biggers than Oblivion, don’t you know. Watch it.

  • GTA IV twatted out of Euro charts by Age of Conan

    While GTA IV’s hanging on to the top spot in the UK, the Rockstar monster-game hasn’t been so evergreen in the rest of Europe. Charts today show that MMO Age of Conan has now overtaken the game in Sweden and Germany, while Wii Fit has put Niko’s adventure in its place in Spain. Full details […]

  • Nordic Game attendance up 38% in 2008

    Nordic Game’s announced that attendance for this year’s event was up 38% over last year’s to 1,200. Delegates from more than 300 companies attended the show, which formed a platform to 110 speakers. Press release after the link.

  • Gamesindustry.biz Network to debut at Nordic Game

    The GamesIndustry.biz Network will debut at next week’s Nordic Game, the site’s announced. The Scandinavian event will host the launch of the Network’s event section, where delegates will be able to make the most of the conference by connecting with other attendees online and arranging meetings with them at the event. All speakers, press and […]

  • Silent Hill chap to speak at Nordic Game

    Siren and Silent Hill developer Keiichiro Toyama is to speak at Nordic Game 2008, the conference confirmed this morning, as will Tameem Antoniades, co-founder of Ninja Theory. The programme’s starting to look pretty good, in truth. Jet Set Radio Future guy Ryuuta Ueda, EVE Online boss Hilmar Pétursson and Age of Conan’s Jørgen Tharaldsen will […]

  • Rein to speak at Nordic Game 2008

    Epic head Mark Rein is to speak in the business and production track at this year’s Nordic Game. Rein will sit on a round-table discussion called Art of the Deal, which will focus on the publisher pitching process. Othe panelists include MGS business development director Peter Zetterberg, Ross Erickson, VP acquisitions at Sierra Online, studio […]

  • Traveller's Tales boss to keynote Nordic Game

    According to this, Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith will be headlining Nordic Game 2008 with a talk called “Putting the Pieces in Play”. We’re sure it’ll include all the Lego you can handle. Rob Kay and Ryan Lesser from Harmonix are also going to be speaking, and will be bringing some “special guests”, apparently, presumably […]

  • Edge and Next-Gen join GI as Nordic Game media sponsors

    Both Edge and Next-Gen have been named as media sponsors of this year’s Nordic Game. The Future publications will join Eurogamer Network’s GamesIndustry.biz, now on its third year as a main media partner for the event, as show supporters. Nordic Game is probably the greatest trade show in the world. It’s the most non-bullshit expo […]

  • Nintendo dominating Euro charts

    Nitendo probably drowned in money this morning, with news that Spain and Germany can’t get enough of that shit, yo. Sweden isn’t to be fooled, however, preferring to rock out with Guitar Hero III and Singstar on PS2. Those wacky Nords. Lists from here. Spain 01. Wii Play (Wii) 02. Mario and Sonic at the […]

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