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  • Icarusish game deIcarusised due to Icarusiness

    Spanish developer Over The Top has changed the name of WiiWare platformer Icarian: Kindred Spirits – which was released in Europe last Friday – to NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. Why? Have a wild guess. “There will be a new version of the game with the new name in the next days. That’s the only change,” Over […]

  • English language left off major inFamous Euro builds

    Sucker Punch has apparently confirmed on its forum that the French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch versions of inFamous will feature no English language option. The English version will only have Portuguese and Russian language settings. This is unlikely to go down well, as you can see from the responses to the mod post, especially […]

  • Capcom wants to crown you Ultimate European Street Fighter Supreme Master

    Capcom and Xbox 360 are on a quest to find the Street Fighter IV champions in  France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.  When found, the champ will be crowed the European Street Fighter Supreme Master. Not only will the winner be bestowed with such a long, illustrious title, they will win some prizes too. […]

  • EU PS Blog to launch this "summer" in multiple languages

    SCEE’s confirmed that the EU PS Blog will launch this summer, after announcing yesterday that Three Speech is to close later this month. “The blog will be launched in English first, with French, Italian, German and Spanish versions to follow soon after,” said a rep. “There will be a period between the closure of ThreeSpeech […]

  • Eurogamer launches Spanish site

    Eurogamer Network’s launched its Spanish language site, Hola, Eurogamer España is run by the team behind the popular Spanish gaming blog “We’ve once again found a fantastic group to work with and we’re delighted to be able to launch a site in this key gaming market,” said Eurogamer boss Rupert Loman. “Our […]

  • Spanish PS3 ad baffles internet

    A Spanish PlayStation 3 ad, showing a woman inside layers of men in a Russian doll effect, has caused a chorus of “WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS” overnight from various websites. See it here. We’re completely baffled. If we lived for a million years, we could never, ever fathom the message here. In fact, […]

  • Spanish mag gives PES 09 92%

    Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas has published what appears to be the first PES 09 review, and the score’s 92 percent. Despite the mark, however, the review says the series still hasn’t found its current gen “sweet spot,” and “The game engine is stuck on last year’s, with improvements.” Get more on WinningElevenBlog.

  • UK gamers are oldest in Europe

    According to this MCV piece, a GameVision report has shown that Britain has the oldest gamers in Europe, on average. The research showed that 29 percent of male active gamers, and 30 percent of female active gamers are said to be 35 years old or over in the UK, compared with 24 percent and 25 […]

  • Software sales booming across Europe

    According to data from Media Control GfK International, European software sales are on the up. Sales have risen by 25.6 percent for the first half of 2008 compared with last year’s tally. Our Dutch brothers have been buying games like crazy, as sales for the region have risen by a massive 46 percent. Compared with […]

  • MGS4 tops Spanish and German software charts

    Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots has taken pole in the Spanish and German software charts for week ending June 22, GI reports. According to figures from Media-Control GfK International, Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is straight in at number three in both territories. The full chart listings for both countries are through […]

  • MGS4 delayed in Spain

    Konami’s put out a press release saying Metal Gear 4’s been delayed in Spain thanks to industrial action over fuel costs. No lorries, no transport, no Snake. Statement after the link. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • GTA IV twatted out of Euro charts by Age of Conan

    While GTA IV’s hanging on to the top spot in the UK, the Rockstar monster-game hasn’t been so evergreen in the rest of Europe. Charts today show that MMO Age of Conan has now overtaken the game in Sweden and Germany, while Wii Fit has put Niko’s adventure in its place in Spain. Full details […]

  • GTA IV: PS3 beats 360 in Germany and Spain

    According to this GI report, the PS3 version of GTA IV has outsold the 360 SKU in both Germany and Spain in its first week on sale. The 360 version only managed third place in the Spanish charts, trailing Wii Fit. Click through for all the info.

  • GTA IV leading across Europe

    As surprising as the moon coming up at night, but there we are. According to this MCV piece, GTA IV is top of the charts in Germany, Spain and Sweden this week, as well as probably everywhere else in the world. Apart from Japan. And India.

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