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  • Gamersfirst to open Edinburgh studio

    APB: Reloaded publisher Gamersfirst will open a studio in Scotland, home of original All Points Bulletin team Realtime Worlds.

  • Outplay Entertainment to create 150 Jobs in Dundee

    Scottish games publisher Outplay Entertainment has announced it plans to build offices and create up to 150 high value jobs in Dundee.

  • Dave Jones squelches rumor he's leaving Dundee for Epic Games

    Yesterday, a rumor was circulating that Realtime Worlds founder Dave Jones had taken a job with Epic Games. Today, the APB creative director has told Develop the rumor is untrue.

  • Scottish videogames industry at a crossroads, says TIGA

    TIGA has said the Scottish videogames industry is at a “cross roads” , and if it didn’t get some much needed tax breaks, the sector could decline.

  • Report: Former Realtime chairman linked to MyWorld purchase

    A report has surfaced claiming former Realtime Worlds chairman and chief strategy officer Ian Hetherington has ties with the anonymous US company which purchased Project MyWorld.

  • Realtime Worlds talking to buyers amid 75% staff reduction

    Realtime Worlds is currently chatting up multiple buyers “in both the UK and US,” according to Paul Dounis, the firm’s administration consultant from Begbies Traynor.

  • 2011 Realtime Worlds game outed in CV [Update]

    A Realtime Worlds CV has apparently confirmed the studio is working on a project due for release in 2011.

  • Scottish hotel bans videogames for Christmas

    Now Modern Warfare 2’s out of the way, we’re back to the real deal: some hotel in Scotland’s decided games aren’t conducive to promoting “traditional family values” and has banned them over the Christmas period. Managing director Stephen Leckie, said children should not be “glued” to game consoles during the holiday, “As a father-of-four, I’m […]

  • Scotland proposing tax breaks to keep game developers

    Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy has proposed tax breaks for the Scottish videogame industry. These proposals have come to light after Murphy spoke with Realtime Worlds owner Dave Jones who has threatened to take his company to Ireland should there be further lack of support for developers. “We have had a discussion about […]

  • Realtime Worlds - Relocation to Ireland could be "serious consideration"

    Realtime Worlds studio boss Colin Macdonald has admitted that Irish tax breaks could see the Scottish studio upping sticks and going green. The Irish government may be about to specifically target the Scottish games sector by offering developers a five-year tax holiday in return for hopping over the water. “If the package on offer in […]

  • Realtime Worlds gets new Dundee office

    Realtime Worlds has taken on a new 8,000 square foot office in Dundee in an effort to “grow towards a successful APB launch” early next year. The developer currently employs 265, but plans to grow to 300 in 2009. APB will be amazing. Go to work for RTW in its smart new office purely on […]

  • Realtime Worlds hits 250 staff, 40 jobs available

    Realtime Worlds said today it’s hit 250 staff, and has more than 40 positions currently available. The Scottish developer is finally moving to launch MMO APB in conjunction with EA Partners and now taken on an additional 8,000 sqft of offices to provide high quality working space to compliment the current 26,000 sqft premises. All […]

  • Dave Jones "miffed" that Crackdown 2 went to Ruffian

    Realtime Worlds’ Dave Jones has told GI he’s not exactly thrilled Crackdown 2 went to Ruffian Games. “I think it was unfortunate that it had to be with a start-up in Dundee… it is challenging to get enough developers in one region as it is, so that was the only little big of negativity to […]

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