Portugal headlines

Ubisoft to offer local payment options in Latin America, southern Europe

Ubisoft has announced it will partnership with monetization firm UOL BoaCompra to introduce local payment methods in Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The firm said this will better support its online PC games in the regions which represent one of the fastest growing online game markets. Thanks, Gamasutra.

  • GAME Iberian arm saved by OpCapita-backed venture

    GAME’s stores in the Iberian region – that’s Spain and Portugal – have been saved by an OpCapita-backed investment company known as Cherrilux Investments.

  • Report: GameStop looking at buying Spanish, Portugese GAME stores

    GameStop is interested in buying 291 shops belonging to GAME in the Iberia region, including Spain and Portugal, according to a report in The Indepdent.

  • Report: GameStop to close its stores in Portugal

    Following the closure of its stores in Northern Ireland earlier this week, Eurogamer Spain‘s reporting that GameStop is set to do the same in Portugal.

  • Report - Wii, DS hardware numbers at 1.3 million for Spain and Portugal in 2010

    According to a recently-held press conference for the Iberica region – the part in Europe containing Spain and Portugal – Nintendo sold 1.3 million combined units of DS and Wii hardware in the area last year.

  • God of War 3 to appear at E3

    Eurogamer.pt – that’s Portugal – is reporting that God of War 3 will be appearing at E3. Sony has apparently sent round a press release stating nothing else apart from confirmation of its appearance. “Relembramos,” says the rather comical Google translation, “that God Of War III goes to be available, for Playstation 3, only in […]

  • Eurogamer launches Portuguese site, claims 2.1 million users

    Eurogamer Network’s just announced the launch of its Portuguese site – Eurogamer.pt, obviously – to be published in conjunction with local publisher LusoPlay. The company also claimed it reached more than 2.1 million unique users with the Eurogamer brand in April 2008. There are now local language Eurogamer sites in place in the UK, France, […]

  • Eurogamer launching in Portugal next week

    As you can see here – assuming you can read Portuguese – Eurogamer.pt’s launching on May 19. The latest European site from Eurogamer Network means the company’s now got content in in four European languages, the others being German, French and, of course, English. So there we are.