Poland headlines

Obama: rubbish at games, but really likes The Witcher

American president Barack Obama name-dropped The Witcher during a recent political visit to Poland, birthplace of CD Projekt RED and The Witcher RPG series. He’s down with the kids, you see?

  • Skyrim: Legendary Edition spotted through Polish retailer

    Skyrim: Legendary Edition has been spotted at Ultima, a Polish retailer and is down for a June 7 release, according to a Eurogamer Poland report. According to the retailer, the pack will contain Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC packs for PS3 and Xbox 360 for around £35/$54 with the PC version said to run £29/$44. […]

  • Witcher 2 360 Dark Edition sold out in Europe

    Yep.  Sold out.  Except in Poland where CD Projekt has produced extra editions for their countrymen.  How nice of them.

  • Dark RPG shooter Hard Reset announced

    New studio Flying Wild Hog has burst onto the scene this morning with a new game announce and a slick cinematic trailer.

  • Nicolas Games has acquired Frontline Studios

    Polish developer and publisher Nicolas Games has acquired Frontline Studios, which is currently working on the digital download title Arena Morte.

  • Mafia II Special Edition releasing in Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia

    2K plans to release a Mafia II Special Edition on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

  • CD Projekt founders Iwinski and Kicinski resign from respective positions

    CD Projekt has has announced its founders, Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski have resigned from their positions as CEO and director of business development, respectively.

  • Xbox Live coming to nine new countries

    Microsoft has announced that nine more countries are to join Xbox Live

  • People Can Fly trademarks Bulletstorm

    Epic-owned People Can Fly has trademarked something called Bulletstorm. While details are non-existent, Epic did say August 2008 that the Painkiller-creator is working on a new IP to be published by EA.

  • CD Projekt confirms intent of purchase from Polish tech firm

    CD Projekt has confirmed to GI that it is to be acquired by Polish tech firm Optimus, should the deal be approved, allowing for “the two companies effectively swap shares in each others business” on the Warsaw Stack Exchange. “In short this is kind of share swap between Polish stock company Optimus SA and CD […]

  • Report - Polish tech firm to buy CD Projekt

    Witcher developer CD Projekt is to be bought by a Polish tech firm, Optimus. That’s according to a report on Polygamia (via GI), who claim the takeover is to switch the developer from being privately owned into a publicly traded business on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The move is expected to be made with stock […]

  • Watch the first 10 minutes of Fable II in Polish

    After the break. It goes without saying that this is a “spoiler,” so don’t watch if you want to stay clean. It’s the first full first minutes of play from the Polish version of Fable II, and it does pretty much give the game away, so to speak. Looks lovely, though. Watch if you dare. […]

  • EA to publish new Epic IP

    EA’s signed a new Epic IP, currently under development at the firm’s People Can Fly studio in Poland. “Epic is excited to work with EA Partners to launch our next big IP on the global stage,” said Epic boss Mark Rein. “EA Partners gives independent developers like Epic the muscle of a global publisher like […]

  • Poland and Tesco get April 25 launch for GTA IV?

    There was a story knocking around yesterday saying UK retailer Tesco was going to start selling GTA IV on April 25 – see it on PlayStation Beyond – and the theme seems to be catching: this piece on Grrr.pl reckons the game’s going to launch in Poland on the same date. You lucky Poles. If […]