Latin America headlines

Ubisoft to offer local payment options in Latin America, southern Europe

Ubisoft has announced it will partnership with monetization firm UOL BoaCompra to introduce local payment methods in Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The firm said this will better support its online PC games in the regions which represent one of the fastest growing online game markets. Thanks, Gamasutra.

  • PlayStation 4 retailing in Argentina for $6,499 AR, or approximately $1,137 USD

    Moment of sympathy news: The PlayStation 4 is set to cost the equivalent of $1,137 US Dollars on launch day in Argentina. Argentina has been experiencing a massive inflation crisis over the last year, with the government reporting 10% month on month inflation for most of this year. By comparison, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox […]

  • RuneScape 3 will launch in Spanish

    Jagex wants to do right by its Latin American fans, and has announced that RuneScape 3 will launch in Spanish when it comes to Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela – among other territories. The localised release comes courtesy of axeso5, which will also provide support and community events. The Spanish-language announce follows on […]

  • PS Vita given western Feb 22 launch, UK pricing confirmed

    Sony has announced western date and price details for its new handheld, Vita – but given no indication of launch line-ups or 3G data pricing.

  • Sony: Latin America will emerge as fourth global games "superpower"

    Unique growth levels will see Latin America take its place as the fourth major games market in the world, alongside the US, UK and Japan, Sony has said in an interview.

  • StarCraft II subscription pricing announced for South America

    Blizzard’s announced the subscription pricing for South America for StarCraft II.

  • Global Industry Analysts predicts gaming market to reach $91 billion by 2015

    Global Industry Analysts (GIA) expects the global gaming market to reach $91 billion by 2015. The report, titled Video Games: A Global Strategic Business Report, was complied by GIA reviewing trends in gaming from 2001-2015. It was concluded that growth can be attributed to the climbing installed bases of consoles, the popularity of MMOs, mobile […]

  • PS3 hits 21 million globally, Sony pushes for South America

    Sony’s claimed that PS3 has now sold more than 21 million machines globally today, as part of an announcement detailing plans to extend the PlayStation brand into South America. The company is launching PS2,‭ ‬PSP and PS3‭ across‭ 13 ‬countries in the region,‭ ‬and will establish a localised PSN.‭ The firm will also introduce a […]

  • SCEA plans moves on Latin America

    SCEA sales boss Ian Jackson said at the BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference yesterday that Latin America is a key target for PlayStation 2, and that the company is planning what sounds like a massive, three phase roll-out over the Continent. “The significance of the Latin America market is huge,” said Jackson. “Obviously from […]

  • Nintendo plans Christmas drive into Latin America

    According to this Reuters report, Nintendo’s planning an aggressive marketing camapign in Latin America this Christmas, focused, unsurprisingly, as non-core gamers. “The long-term economic potential of Latin America makes this an extremely important market for video games,” said NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime, talking at an industry conference in the Pacific resort of Playa Bonita on […]

  • Live from Alone in the Dark Harrison event in London

    Updating live from the Atari UK Alone in the Dark event in London. After the link.

  • WoW to launch in Latin America

    See here. Sounds like it’s happening quickly. From the release: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that World of Warcraft®, its award-winning, subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), is being prepared for release in Latin America. The Latin American localization will be based on the existing European Spanish version but will feature entirely re-recorded in-game […]