Israel headlines

Xbox 360 will be released in Israel later this month

Xbox 360 will launch in Israel seven years after it was released in the US, Microsoft has announced. The console’s release was revealed during the firm’s Discovery conference in Tel Aviv yesterday. The console comes with local currency and Hebrew language support, and Xbox Live and Kinect will also be made available. Xbox 360 launches […]

  • Playcast beats OnLive and Gaikai to the punch... kinda

    Playcast Media System is launching a large-scale pilot of its streaming game service today, which pulls audio and visual data from offsite computers in a way similar to OnLive and Gaikai. So, have the two big names been one-upped? Well, not exactly. See, Playcast’s service is only launching in Israel — for now. The service […]

  • Microsoft 3DV acquisition confirmed

    It’s finally been confirmed that Microsoft bought Israeli tech firm 3DV. Israeli business daily Globes reports that Microsoft’s Moshe Lichtman mentioned 3DV in a press conference relating to Microsoft’s R&D centre in Israel. “The R&D centre helped Microsoft in buying the intellectual property of 3DV Systems, and in the wake of that dozens of the […]