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  • SCE's SN Systems opens new office in Dublin

    Sony Computer Entertainment’s SN Systems has announced the opening of a new satellite office in Dublin. The new Irish office will focus solely on R&D for PlayStation’s ProDG development tools and will be led by SN Systems veteran, Matt Bush. “As part of the on-going development process we’re finding that in order to recruit the […]

  • Go!View goes live in UK and Ireland

    Go!View, Sony and Sky’s video-on-demand service for the PSP, has gone live in the UK and Ireland today. The service allows people to transfer content from their PCs to their PSPs with monthly rental packages priced at £5 and £10. “We are working with our content providers to secure a quality range of programming and […]

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD drives selling for €9.99 in Ireland

    According to this Engadget piece, Xbox 360 HD-DVD drives are now selling for €9.99 at some Irish retailers. The drive comes with the 360’s Media Remote bundled, so this isn’t as stupid a buy as it may seem. Click through for all the details.

  • GTA IV UK and Ireland TV ad makes no mention of PS3

    The headline says it all. Click the link to see the UK and Ireland GTA IV TV ad spot. Pay special attention to the fact there’s no mention of the PlayStation 3. By Mike Bowden

  • Wii Fit pre-order cull "sensible" but more units are on the way, says Nintendo UK

    Following news that many UK retailers have now stopped taking pre-orders for Wii Fit due to excessive demand, Nintendo UK has made a statement to videogaming247 saying it believes the move is a sensible one and it doing “everything” it can to ensure more stock reaches the UK and Ireland as quickly as possible. “All […]

  • Mario Kart Wii "launches" in Ireland - photo

    Sorry, but we had to post this. GoNintendo’s published what has to be the most pathos-heavy games-related image yet created. It’s of “Mario” and “Peach” sitting in the middle of an Irish street to celebrate the launch of the game over the water. It’s stuff like this that gets us up in the morning. And […]

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