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Brenda Romero awarded Fulbright Fellowship to work with Ireland’s game industry

Brenda Romero has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to work with Ireland’s game industry and its educational institutions.

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two delayed in Ireland, New Zealand and Russia

    The Walking Dead: Season Two has run into late-stage age ratings issues, but will turn up in territories where it was mysteriously absent at launch last week.

  • EA staff cuts hit customer service center in Galway

    EA has lad-off an undisclosed number of number staff members at its customer service center in Galway, reports Ireland’s The Journal. When asked for a statement on the matter, the firm provided the trade outlet with the same response given to the lay-offs which occurred earlier in the week in Montreal. In September of last […]

  • HMV Ireland has Deloitte appointed as receiver

    Deloitte Ireland has been appointed as the receiver of HMV Ireland, meaning 300 jobs are at risk in the sector. Earlier today, HMV stores in the country were closed temporarily without an explanation, and will remain closed until Deloitte Ireland “assesses the viability of the company,” reports Eurogamer. The firm said it will be searching […]

  • Activision's UK and Ireland MD resigns in order to "pursue new career opportunities"

    Peter Hepworth, Activision’s UK and Ireland MD, has left the firm to “pursue new career opportunities.” In the interim, the business in the region will be overseen by Andrew Brown, VP of sales excellence, who was previously managing director for the area before Hepworth took over. Brown will take on the added MD responsibilities until […]

  • EA adding 300 new positions to its customer service center in Ireland

    EA plans to add 300 new positions within its customer service center in Galway, Ireland, according to COO Peter Moore.

  • Red, silver and white PS3 Slim models available in the UK

    Hey you, resident of Great Britain and in the market for a new PlayStation 3; have I got news for you. The limited edition red, silver and white models of the not-so-big black box are now available in your territory. Unlike certain other regions I could name, the UK market seems to be offering the […]

  • Industry vets launch new indie studio in Dublin

    Former Atari, EA, Jagex, and PopCap employees have formed a new company in Dublin called Digit Game Studios, which will be the largest independent developer in Ireland. The firm plans to focus on creating and publishing original IP on multiple platforms. “We chose Dublin because of the ability to access best in class talent, the […]

  • Rovio considering Dublin move to take advantage of tax breaks, says CEO

    Rovio CEO Mikael Hed has said the firm is considering moving its headquarters from Finland to Dublin in order to take advantage of Ireland’s 12.5% tax rate. Speaking with the Irish Times, Hed said the tax rate is a plus in the country’s favor, as Finland’s current rate is 24%. Currently, the firm employs a […]

  • Red 5 to launch new studio in Cork

    Red 5, developer of free to play shooter Firefall, will launch a brand new studio in Cork in the Republic of Ireland, its been announced.

  • PWC to update GAME Ireland sit-in protesters today

    PWC will provide an update to protesters having sit-ins oat at GAME’s former stores in the Republic of Ireland regarding redundancy pay, according to Irish broadcaster RTE.

  • GAME Ireland holding sit-in protests

    Several GAME Ireland stores are holding sit-ins this morning after all of the retailers stores in the Republic were closed following it entering administration yesterday.

  • 277 GAME stores shuttered, 2,104 jobs cut

    GAME’s administration has resulted in some serious bloodletting.

  • PlayStation Vita Vaults to tour Republic of Ireland

    The EU PS Blog has gone live with details of PlayStation Vita Vaults, a new tour that will allow people in the Republic of Ireland try PlayStation Vita. The vaults will contain demo units to try the latest games, with a chance to enter a PS Vita. The tour lasts two weeks. Stops along the […]

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