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  • Global shortage delays GTA IV in India

    GameGuru, font of all games knowledge Indian, is reporting that GTA IV didn’t release in India on April 29 as previously hoped. Local distributor E-express has put the delay down to global shortage of the game, and no fresh date’s been given as yet. Sorry about that, India.

  • Sony working with Indian devs on PS2 games

    According to this Rediff story, Sony’s signed deals with 13 developers in India in an effort to produce local PS2 software for both the Indian market and abroad. In an effort to accelerate the growth of its popular gaming console Playstation 2 in India, Sony Computer Entertainment has tied up with 13 Indian game developers […]

  • Ubi to hire 900 staff in the next 12 months

    Ubisoft has just announced in a post-results conference call that is expects to hire an extra 900 staff in the next 12 months. “Five hundred will go to the new studios,” said CEO Yves Guillemot, talking of expansion into India, Singapore and China. The other 400 will be added to existing studios. The publisher currently […]

  • GTA IV getting Indian release on April 29, will cost more on PS3

    According to Gameguru, GTA IV has been confirmed as an Indian release on April 29 along with the rest of the world. Hilariously, the PS3 version is more expensive than the 360 game, at 2,999 rupees (£39) compared to 2,499 rupees (£32). Just goes to show.

  • Ubisoft to buy Indian Gameloft studio

    According to numerous reports, Ubisoft is to buy Gameloft’s Indian development studio for an undisclosed sum. The sub-continental outfit employs 120 game developers and testers, and Ubi plans to build this to 200 developers in the next 12 months, and to 500 in the coming years. The studio is a handheld operation, creating games for […]

  • GT5: Prologue launches in India on same day as Europe

    According to this, GT5: Prologue and God of War: Chains of Olympus are launching in India on the same day as Europe. As in, tomorrow. There’s a report there from the launch event in Mumbai. Expect to see plenty more from the Indian games industry in the coming years, especially if companies like Sony keep […]

  • Indian Xbox boss quits, definitely isn't arms dealer

    According to this, Mohit Anand has resigned from his position as country manager of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division in India, saying he wants to “move on to the next level to pursue my dreams.” There’s rumour circling that Anand is leaving to head up Wii’s launch in India, but he’s saying nothing, only that, […]

  • China dev cost "half" that of India

    Speaking in this interview, Indian developer Sangam Gutpa has said that he ships the majority of artwork to his company’s Chinese arm as wage costs there are “half” those in India. “We have 30-40 people in China already,” Gutpa said. “India was price effective, to be honest, until last year. Nowadays, after the dollar slipped, […]

  • Lost Odyssey hits India?

    It’s all happening in India. Not only is Mumbai gaming expo SKOAR! looking like it may be on the roadshow “map” next year, PS3 Euro chief David Reeves can’t stop going on about how great the country is and Square Enix is looking for acquires in the country, but, even better than all of that, […]

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