Iceland headlines

EVE Fanfest final schedule announced by CCP

CCP Games has announced the final schedule of events for the sold out EVE Fanfest.

  • Tickets on sale for EVE Online Fanfest 2012

    CCP has opened ticket sales for EVE Online Fanfest 2012, which takes place on March 22-24 at the Harpa Conference Center in Reykjavík, Iceland. A special early bird pricing deal will run until January 31 to secure your entry for $100, after which you’ll be asked to cough up $125. This year’s event boasts the […]

  • Report - Formal Bulletstorm reveal on hold due to Icelandic volcano

    Okay, Iceland: you are now on the naughty list. We’re taking Sigur Rós from you as well. You can keep Bjork if you want.

  • Iceland's volcano causes some games to miss Australian release

    Mindscape, the Australian distributor for Konami, has revealed to Kotaku that some of its upcoming releases have been delayed due to canceled flights around Europe.

  • CCP hasn't been blown up by a volcano

    Just in case you thought Icelandic developer CCP was in some kind of lava survival situation, you can stop panicking: it isn’t.

  • New Dust 514 screens released from Icelandic fanfest

    EG has for you four new screens of CCP’s console MMO Dust 514. They also have a massive preview of the game taken from the developer’s fanfest at the weekend in Iceland. Read it here. Get the screens through the first link. No date yet for the game.

  • Banking troubles may force CCP from Iceland

    The Guardian’s reporting that Iceland’s banking collapse may mean CCP may have to move itself, and EVE Online, out of the country. Says the piece: On three shiny floors of a former fish factory is CCP, a company best known in computer gaming for Eve Online, which has 300,000 participants all over the world – […]

  • EVE's Premium graphics only "half done"

    CCP’s told attendees at the EVE fanfest in Iceland that the graphics of the MMO’s Premium version are only half complete. The Premium version was introduced with the Trinity expansion late last year. “EVE in a a state where, if you run the Premium graphics edition, half of it is done, you could say,” said […]

  • EVE Fanfest tickets go on sale

    CCP’s put tickets for this year’s EVE Online Fanfest on sale, at the bargain price of $75. The fifth Fanfest takes place from November 6-8 at the Laugardalsholl Conference Center in Reykjavik. Go. Iceland’s amazing and it should be windy enough in November to make lead boots necessary.

  • EVE player council "pleased" with first CCP summit

    The first democratically elected MMO body, EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management, has put out a press release saying it’s “pleased” with its first meeting with CCP in Iceland. “We had a great dialogue with the developers and they were exceedingly open to our ideas and suggestions and pretty straightforward in explaining technical limitations where […]

  • Fifth EVE Fanfest dated

    CCP’s dated the fifth EVE Online Fanfest. The annual meet will take place this year from November 6-8 at Laugardalur in Reykjavik, Iceland. If you get in quick you may be able to get cheap flights with the various Early Bird packages, as detailed here. If you’re into EVE and you’re a player you should […]

  • Rossignol's This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities now available for pre-order

    Jim Rossignol’s first book, This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities, is now available for pre-order here. Synopsis: This book offers an insider’s view of online games and how they change us. “In May 2000 I was fired from my job as a reporter on a finance newsletter because of an obsession with a videogame. […]