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  • Unfrench games banned in Quebec

    A law’s been passed in Quebec banning games with no French subtitles or VO. According to the Toronto Star, it’s now illegal to sell an English-only game in the region. Haig James Toutikian, a Montreal game designer, said delays thanks to the law are now probable. “I know how much of a pain they can […]

  • Euro PSN update, March 12 - Patapon 2 released

    Patapon 2’s been released in Europe, as has a demo. So there’s lovely. Full PSN update for the week below, courtesy of Joystiq. Playable Content Hi-Octane (£3.99/€4.99) Street Skater 2 (£3.99/€4.99) Wheelman Demo (free) Add-on Content Burnout Paradise “Boost Specials Collection” (£6.29/€7.99) Burnout Paradise “Carson Extreme Hot Rod” (£3.99/€4.99) Burnout Paradise “Hawker Mech” (£3.99/€4.99) Buzz! […]

  • 45 games approved for French tax breaks

    The French government has awarded 45 in-development games tax breaks, cuts likely to generate up to €40 million (£35 million) for local developers. Around 120 projects were presented for evaluation, but those selected met the “criteria of quality, originality” and contributed to “cultural diversity” in order to receive the cash boost. “Right from the start, […]

  • Wrath of the Lich King launch: More from NYC, stuff from Sydney and Paris

    It’s the launch that keeps on giving. Gamespot’s posted up a report and photos from the game’s launch in Sydney (“According to EB Games Australia brand and PR manager Debra McGrath, Lich King has had the biggest number of preorders for a single platform game in the company’s history”) and Eurogamer France has a nice […]

  • PS3 sells 1 million in France

    According to this Gamekyo report, GFK’s confirmed that PS3’s hit 1 million sales in France. There’s little detail there, but apparently “5 million of games and peripherals” have also been sold since the machine launched in the France in 2007.

  • Heavy Rain - Entire E3 demo filmed off-screen

    We’re having trouble getting this to load faster than snail pace, but after the break you’ll find what appears to be the entire E3 Heavy Rain demo, filmed off-screen by Gamekyo at the Micromania Games Show 2008 in Paris. From the small section we’ve watched, this seems to be the same demo we saw at […]

  • GameStop buys Micromania

    According to this MCV story, GameStop’s sealed a deal to buy French retailer Micromania. The move gives the US giant 332 stores in France, increasing GameStop’s European store count to 1,077. “As we have accelerated our growth in Europe over the years, we have kept a close eye on the European retailers whose passion for […]

  • Still no date for Euro SOCOM

    Eurogamer’s put up a no-show on a European SOCOM date from Sony, with a rep saying, “We have yet to announce a release date and price for SOCOM in the UK.” SCEA confirmed earlier this week that SOCOM Confrontation, the next game in the firm’s popular tactical shooter series, will hit the US on October […]

  • Diablo III: all the coverage in one place

    Well, that certainly was a news mega-bombshell wasn’t it? As you can see the site is completely overloaded with Diablo news, so for the lightweights out there who simply can’t handle it, we thought we’d make your life easier and put them all in one place. So we have done. After the break. By Mike […]

  • Diablo III gameplay video released

    The first gameplay footage from Diablo III has been released and you can see it over at We’re live blogging the whole press conference and keeping our ears to the ground for all the info as and when it happens so stay tuned. By Mike Bowden

  • Diablo III got its inspiration from WoW and Zelda, says Wilson

    Diablo II lead designer Jay Wilson has revealed the games that inspired the team in an on-going press conference at the Blizzard Invitational in Paris. The games in question are Zelda and of course, World of Warcraft. We’re live blogging the whole press conference so stay tuned. By Mike Bowden

  • Diablo III storyline and approx game length revealed

    Blizzard vice president Frank Pearce and lead designer Jay Wilson have revealed in an on-going press conference that the Diablo III storyline will start 20 years after the events of Lord of Destruction and that the length of the game will be “similar to Diablo II”. We’re live blogging the whole press conference so stay […]

  • Diablo III confirmed for Mac

    Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson has revealed in an on-going press conference that Diablo III will be appearing on Apple Mac. When asked if the game would be appearing Wilson said said: “Absolutely.” Great news. We’re live blogging the whole press conference so stay tuned. By Mike Bowden

  • Diablo III to have new, in-house engine says Wilson

    Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson has revealed in an on-going press conference that the game will use a brand new engine designed specifically for the game. “Brand new 3D engine that we developed in-house.” he said. The engine is yet to be named. We’re live blogging the whole press conference so stay tuned. By […]

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