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  • ESA: 54% of illegal file swapping comes from Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain

    The ESA has named Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain as the five countries with “extraordinarily high” levels of online game piracy.

  • French Nintendo figures reveal love for red Wii

    It's rare for Nintendo to offer up detailed numerical breakdowns of their sales, but Nintendo of France has done just that. Answering a series of probing if erratic questions, deputy managing director Philippe Lavoué revealed intriguing insight to the French psyche, including that 30% of French Wiis are of the red variety.

  • Rumour - GT5 gets two day delay in Europe

    Don’t go into a massive anger mode. Yet.

  • StarCraft II: Midnight store openings listed for Europe and US

    Update: As promised, we’ve add the official North American midnight launch event for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The event will take place at Fry’s Electronics at 10800 Kalama River Avenue in Fountain Valley, CA, with activities starting at 9.00pm PST on July 26, and sales of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beginning at midnight. […]

  • Bethesda, VG247 invades France - everything in one place

    We came, we saw, we conquered. We were in France last week, just outside Paris, to see some of Bethesda’s future titles for this and next year, such as Rage, Fallout: New Vegas, Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. We spoke, drank and watched games throughout the two-day event, all for you. Get everything below.

  • Bethesda opens new offices in France and Germany

    Bethesda has announced that it has expanded its global operations by opening offices in Frankfurt and Paris.

  • Study: US spent $3.8 billion on MMOs last year

    According to a Today’s Gamers MMO Focus Report by and TNS, Americans spent an eye-watering £2.55 billion on MMOs last year.

  • Retailers: GoW III bundle out March 17 in Europe, HMV goes for March 19’s posted a listing for a 250Gb God of War III PS3 bundle, priced at €350. The interesting bit? The retailer reckons it’s out on March 17.

  • Wii sells four million in France, says Nintendo

    According to Nintendo, Wii has sold four million units in France since its launch back in 2006.

  • Paris court rules against Nintendo over flash cartridge case

    The main Paris court has ruled against Nintendo in a case over the Divineo Droup creating DS flash cartridges. According to Maxconsole, the judge suggested that Nintendo intentionally “locks out” developers from their consoles and should be “more like Windows” in allowing developers to create any application they wish for consumer use. “[This] could have […]

  • Sony: PS3 has the most video content of any console available

    Sony announced earlier its list of movies and studios expected for the November launch of its video service, and now it’s telling the world just how awesome it really is, what with over 2,300 movies and 14,000 TV shows. Combined, all video content on the store amounts to around 10,000 hours of visual crack. “PlayStation […]

  • SCEE announces movies for PS3 Video Service launch in Europe

    Sony has announced details of its Euro PS3 Video Service, and while pricing is still to be determined, SCEE did see fit to send over a list containing some of titles planned for day one. Here’s some of what you can expect: Angels & Demons Bruno Casino Royale Crank 2: High Voltage Hannah Montana: The […]

  • Off-screen footage of Bad Company 2 multiplayer revealed

    Some new off-screen footage of the multiplayer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been posted on YouTube. The footage was taken at the Micromania 09 event in Paris recently. Despite the fact it is off-screen, we have to say it looks really good. Find the video after the jump. The game is out in March […]

  • Higher percentage of Americans play games than Euro countries

    According to a Today’s Gamers’ survey of 13,000 people from Holland, France, Germany, Britain, Belgium and the US, more Americans play games as a percentage than all the rest. Of those questioned, 87 percent of American males said they play games, versus 74 percent in the UK, 67 percent in Germany, and 66 percent in […]

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