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  • Sony gains PS3 certification in China

    Chinese gamers may be one step closer to using consoles today, as Sony has been awarded the China Compulsory Certificate for its PlayStation 3 in the country.

  • Nintendo will "continue to carry out on-site inspections" of production partners after Foxconn used underage workers

    Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications, Charlie Scibetta, has issued a statement regarding Nintendo’s investigation into underage laborers working at and assembly plant in China.

  • 'Mythical MMORPGs are boring the Chinese market', says analyst

    China has had a long-standing love affair with traditional fantasy MMORPGs, but it seems like that relationship is starting to break down, as droves of gamers flock to action-heavy gaming experiences instead. An analyst at Niko Partners has shed light on the exodus.

  • Mists of Pandaria approved for release in China

    Mists of Pandaria has been approved for release in China by the Chinese government. According to figures crunched by the Chicago Tribune, 60% of China’s 540 million people play games on the Internet, which is a potential 324 million players which World of Warcraft could garner a subscription from. Mists of Pandaria released in the […]

  • Guild Wars 2 China release confirmed

    Guild Wars 2 is heading to China, courtesy of developer ArenaNet and KongZhong Corporation, in what is one of the largest western licensing deals in the country.

  • Xbox Live Chinese language site launches, service still banned in China

    Microsoft has launched a Chinese language Xbox Live site with information on the gaming service and Windows 8.

  • Dungeon Fighter Online hit 3 million concurrent users in June

    Dungeon & Fighter, as it’s known in China, surpassed 3 million maximum concurrent users in June of this year. Dungeon Fighter Online, as it’s known outside of China, is developed by Nexon, and it’s last concurrent record was 2.6 million users. The free-to-play MMO was released four years ago, and the game was released on […]

  • Edmondson brothers' Thumbstar moves into China

    Video game industry veterans Gareth and Martin Edmondson have struck a deal that will enable their mobile games company, Thumbstar, to distribute games in China, whilst protecting IP copyright.

  • Chinese firm Tencent purchases minority stake in Epic Games

    Tencent, the China-based Internet, mobile, and telecommunications company, has announced it has acquired a minority stake in Epic Games. “Tencent’s investment will empower Epic to help us do even more of what we do best, which is making great games and game technology, said Epic president Michael Capps. “Their expertise in the global online gaming […]

  • Crytek: Russian gamers are "hardcore", can "survive anything"

    The Warface development team seems quite pleased with the reception the free-to-play shooter is getting in Russia.

  • World of Tanks developer expands into China

    World of Tanks developer is making a bid for the mainland Chinese market. Gamasutra reports the company has signed a deal with KongZhong Corporation to publish its range locally. Although has several popular free to play titles, World of Tanks is the biggie, with up to 450,000 players online simultaneously.

  • The Sims Social heads to China

    EA has announced plans to launch The Sims Social game in China with Playfish Beijing behind the day-to-day operations and Tencent as the online host through its Qzone platform. The title was released through Facebook in August 2011 and reported 50 million MAU within a few weeks. Total monthly active users at present, according to […]

  • Study - 64% of China's 180 million gamers pay to play each month

    A study polling 500 people conducted by Niko Partners had found that 64% of China’s 180 million casual and core gamers pay for their pleasure each month, and the country is outpacing other countries in terms of money spent. The age of those playing games each month is up as well, with those ages 40 […]

  • Study - Online games market in China grew 32% in 2011 to $6.6B

    Pearl Research has estimated that during 2011, the online gaming market in China grew 32% to $6.6 billion.

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