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  • ESA Canada - games industry contributed $2.3 billion to GDP in 2012

    ESA Canada has said the games industry added $2.3 billion to the country’s gross domestic product last year, and noted that 84% of studios are working on titles for mobile devices.

  • Rooster Teeth personality David Dreger still missing - search continues

    Family, friends, and the Vancouver Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit are still searching for former Rooster Teeth contributor David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger.

  • Atari's E.T. cartridge graveyard to be excavated by Canadian developer Fuel Industries

    Fuel Industries, a Canadian game developer, has been given a permit from the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico, to excavate the landfill where Atari reportedly buried many, many copies of E.T. and other broken or unsalable merchandise back in 1983.

  • Rooster Teeth's KnucklesDawson reported missing

    If you live in or around Vancouver, please take a moment to check out this campaign to help find David Dreger. The former RoosterTeeth personality, better known as KnucklesDawson, was last seen on the evening of May 27 and police are treating his subsequent disappearance as a missing persons case. Dreger’s family and friends have […]

  • PlayStation Network class-action suit over 2011 outage settled in Canada

    PlayStation Network users in Canada can participate in a class-action suit against Sony over the firm’s 2011 network outage which was the result of a hack.

  • EA lay-offs hit mobile development team in Montreal

    Electronic Arts has laid-off some of its employees at EA Mobile Montreal, and while the firm has commented on the matter, it had refused to provide the specific number of those affected.

  • Namco Bandai to open new Singapore, Vancouver offices

    Namco Bandai is expanding with two new international offices. A press release by the British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training notes that Namco Bandai Vancouver will begin operation in june, while an unnamed Singapore office will also open sometime this year. The former will developer social games, while the latter’s role is […]

  • Operation Racoon City dev issues temporary lay-offs

    Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and Galactic Reign developer Slant Six Games has issued another round of temporary lay-offs with the intention to rehire all staff.

  • Canadian tax break declines send developers east

    Some Canadian developers are relocating to eastern provinces thanks to decreased tax breaks in western regions.

  • Persona 4 Golden is $10 off in Canada, US

    Atlus has dropped us a line to let us know that Persona 4 Golden is $10 off across Canada and the US for two weeks only. The PS2 Classic remake is one of the Vita’s best-selling titles, and certainly its highest-rated.

  • US PS Store update, March 19 - Dead or Alive 5 Plus, Hot Shots Golf, bundles

    This week’s North American PlayStation Store update is a bit light on full games, but offers a wide variety of bundles and add-ons as well as the Defiance beta for Plus subscribers.

  • Pokémon North America drops Pikachu tease

    Nintendo of America’s official Pokémon Twitter made an interesting comment on Twitter overnight, promising “exciting news for Pikachu fans coming up tomorrow”. AllGamesBeta suspects the Pikachu-themed 3DS XL may be making its way to North America, and after looking at the teaser image, it certainly seems possible.

  • Tecmo Koei Canada to close up shop at the end of March - report

    Tecmo Koei Canada will shut its doors at the of next month, according to a company official speaking with the Financial Post. The Fatal Inertia, Warriors: Legends of Troy and mobile development house is the only studio owned by the firm in North America. A representative from the main office declined to state how many […]

  • Wii Mini has sold 35,700 units in Canada since launch

    Wii Mini has moved 35,700 units in Canada since it was released in the region December 7. The numbers account for sales lead up to January 31, according to Nintendo of Canada’s comms manager, Matt Ryan. The bare bones console, which lacks the ability to go online, backwards compatibility or SD support, will be released […]

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