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  • Warhammer Online gets Asian launch next week

    Warhammer Online is to launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau next week via GigaMedia’s FunTown game platform, Kotaku reports. The Mythic MMO currently has around 300,000 subs in the US.

  • Nearly 9,000 games trade staff made redundant in last year

    Up to 8,450 game industry professionals have lost their jobs since July 2008, according to analyst Wanda Meloni. Around 6,300 jobs have been lost from the North American trade, the rest coming from Asia and the UK. Meloni noted that multiple studios have bitten the dust during the period. “A handful of others are on […]

  • Kotick: Get hardware below $199 for "mass market" success

    Activision boss Bobby Kotick’s told Reuters that global economic gloom means console-makers should get their machines below $199 to see “mass” results. “The price on platforms today has still not gotten down to mass-market price points and I think when you’re in the economic circumstances that the world has found itself in, there really is […]

  • Asian Ninja Blade released in English, region-free

    The Asian version of From Software’s Ninja Blade’s been released, says Siliconera, and it’s region-free. And in English. You should, therefore, buy it. Don’t think. Thinking won’t get you anywhere. Buying Ninja Blade will. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • NFS World Online to enter testing in Far East

    Need for Speed World Online, one of a trio of newly announced games from the EA fanchise, is to enter technical testing in Taiwan and Hong Kong in March. The free-roaming, free-to-play effort has no solid release date as yet other than 2009. Press release after the break.

  • PSP to get Asian makeover

    Siliconera reports that SCEA (Asia) is releasing “Radiant Red” and “Vibrant Blue” PSPs. The new models will cost $1,380 Hong Kong Dollars (approx. €130) and will almost definitely never ever leave Eastern shores so you can look,. but you can’t touch. Bit more through the link. Thanks, Kotaku. By Mike Bowden

  • LotRO likely to be second truly successful western MMO in Asia, says Steefel

    If, as planned, Lord of the Rings Online can successfully launch in China next year, the game is likely to become only the second truly successful western MMO released in Asia, the game’s dev lead Jeff Steefel has told VG247. “I would argue that if we could successfully launch LotRO in China, we will probably […]

  • New Hellgate expansion in development

    Bit slow on this, sorry. HanbitSoft – the South Korean company that now owns the rights to Hellgate: London – has confirmed that there’s new content in the pipe for the troubled action-RPG-MMO. “Since acquiring the intellectual property rights, HanbitSoft Inc., the publisher and distributor of Hellgate: London in Asia, has concentrated on the development […]

  • EA's Asian revenue is "nowhere" near desired level, says exec

    EA Asia boss Jon Niermann has admitted that revenue for the publisher in the region is lower than target, but has pointed to a heavy release schedule of online game to boost funds. “It’s nowhere where it needs to be. We need to get that growth significantly higher,” Niermann told the AP. Asian revenues account […]

  • PS3 to launch in Malaysia on September 20

    Star Online is reporting that PlayStation 3 will launch in Malaysia this Saturday, September 20 Should you be Malaysian and want to get involved, the machines will be available from 11.30am at the 1Utama shopping centre in Petaling Jaya (just keep going after you pass the church on the right). So there you go. Thanks […]

  • Atari sells 34 percent of Euro-Asian sales network to Namco

    Namco’s bought 34 percent of Atari’s European and Asian sales network for €30 million. Between June 31, 2012 to June 20, 2013, Namco will also have the option to buy the remaining 66 percent from Infogrames. “I am delighted that this transaction strengthens our outstanding partnership with Namco Bandai, one of the industry’s greatest creators […]

  • Home hitting Asia this "fall"

    Sony’s put out a press release saying Home will release in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan in “fall 2008”. There’s going to be a closed beta in “mid-September,” apparently. Full thing after the drop. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Cevat Yerli to keynote GC Asia Conference

    According to this GI story, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli’s been confirmed as a keynote speaker at Games Convention Asia Conference this year. “The technology available today is light years ahead of what was generally available just five years ago,” he said. “Add those advancements to increasing technical expertise as we learn more about graphically creating […]

  • WAR's website gives Asian date

    According to Singapore’s official Warhammer Online website, Mythic’s long-delayed, highly anticipated fantasy MMO will be releasing in the country on September 23. There’s no word on whether or not this will have any bearing on other regions, but we’ll check tomorrow. Good news to those watching the game, anyway.

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