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  • iPhone will soon be able to interface with PS3

    In an interview with Gizmodo, Denny Breitenfeld, CTO of NetBlender, explained that Apple’s iPhone will soon be able to interface with PS3 thanks to a nearly-released SDK from the firm. As well as allowing iPhone to act as a PS3 remote, the new SDK that “will allow studios, independent movie companies to enable BD Touch […]

  • Online distribution is "right horse" to back, says Xbox Europe boss

    Speaking in the Guardian, Xbox Europe head Neil Thompson has pushed online distribution yet again as the future of digital content, saying the disc formats will be a nonsense within 18 months time. “The horse that we’re fundamentally backing is the one that says the future of entertainment content is online digital distribution,” he said. […]

  • Microsoft denies more Blu-ray add-on rumours

    Microsoft has shot down an Engadget rumour that the company is developing a Lite-On Blu-ray drive for 360. “No. Lite-On is not manufacturing Blu-ray drives for Xbox 360,” a spokesperson told Techradar. “As we have stated, games… are driving consumers to purchase game consoles and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster […]

  • Truth revealed behind Blu-ray installs

    This is worth a read. It’s an article explaining the reason behind the need for certain PS3 games to install to the hard drive instead of being read directly from the disc. It’s all down to the way a Blur-ray head reads the disc itself, apparently, which is different to the way a DVD drive […]

  • PS3 Portable Copy "later this year"

    According to this, the Portable Copy feature rumoured for the last PS3 firmware update will arrive “later this year”, the quote coming from an SCEA rep. Portable Copy is the ability to transfer a copy of a movie from a Blu-ray disc to your PSP. Quite how it works hasn’t been detailed as yet. PCWorld […]

  • Blu-ray sales start to spike following HD-DVD bow-out

    According to this, more than 3 million of a total of 9 million Blu-ray movies sold since the inception of the format moved through retail in the first 11 weeks of this year. The news comes following the very public demise of HD-DVD in February. If trends continue, says that piece, at least 15 million […]

  • "Portable Copy" firmware 2.20 addition's bollocks, says SCEA

    Here. The PS3 firmware 2.20, to release before the end of March, won’t include the ability to put Blu-ray movies in the machine and send an SD version to a PSP, despite what PC World thinks. Consider that cleared up (thanks Syrok).

  • Confusion reigns on PS3 firmware 2.20 release date

    Teh internets are getting their knickers in a twist on the release date for PS3’s 2.20 firmware update because of this report that says the code will hit alongside the first BD-Live movies in the US on April 8. The release of the films “coincides with the launch of a new software update for Sony’s […]

  • "Portable Copy" PS3 firmware functionality appears from nowhere

    PCWorld – that most reliable source of PlayStation 3 firmware-related news – is claiming that version 2.20 of the console’s software “exposes ‘Portable Copy,’ which enables PS3 users to copy a standard-definition version of the Blu-ray movie to a PlayStation Portable (PSP).” There’s no mention of the feature in SCEE’s press release about the firmware […]

  • Microsoft dismisses discs as "historic phenomenon", says downloads are the (near) future

    Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis reckons “shiny discs” are going to be cast aside in the media race far faster than people suspect, and that Microsoft and Xbox 360 are in the perfect place to take advantage of the trend. “Going forwards, digital downloads is really where it’s at,” Lewis said. “More and more people’s […]

  • Microsoft: Blu-ray won't be a part of the "Xbox experience"

    Jesus. Make your mind up. Microsoft said today that it wasn’t, in fact, in talks with Sony regarding incorporating Blu-ray drives into Xbox 360. “Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience,” said Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, saying instead that […]

  • Toshiba to take $1 billion hit on HD-DVD

    The Nikkei’s reporting the Toshiba is likely to write down just under $1 billion in its failed war on Blu-ray. The company has refused to comment on the report, which has hit the firm’s share price to the tune of 2.3 percent. Toshiba is still expected to post a 250 billion yen operating profit for […]

  • Xbox 360 price drop is reaction to Blu-ray victory, says analyst

    The simExchange Jesse Divnich is convinced that the impended European Xbox 360 price cut is a specific reaction to the recent death of HD-DVD and emerging dominance of Blu-ray. “I’ve always considered the console wars to be like a game of chess and Sony’s recent Blu-ray victory is equivalent to putting Microsoft in ‘check’,” he […]

  • Ballmer: Microsoft supports Blu-ray

    Leaping monkey-man and Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the corp is now behind Blu-ray, following an FT interview last night with a Sony exec that said the same. “We’ve already been working on, for example, in Windows, device driver support for Blu-ray drives and the like, and I think the world moves on,” […]

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