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Plug pulled on Acclaim post Playdom acquisition

Acclaim has shut down most of its client-based online games on August 26, and is offering a reimbursement of it’s virtual currency Acclaim Coins to customers made in the last 30-days. The shutdown comes on the heels of a buyout by Playdom in May, which in turn was purchased by Disney for $563 million a […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Fireworks, Copernicus, mystical powers, new servers

    It’s that time again. The MMO news round-up post full of links, and other goodies for the online crowd. This week, loads of games are having annual summer events full of festivities, fireworks and other shenanigans. Some also got level cap increases, are nerfing classes, launching new servers, going bankrupt, and one has even reminded […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Formula One MMO, SWTOR dev diary, loads of WoW stuff

    E3 is almost upon us so there is bound to be some new MMO announced or a bit of decent enough MMO news coming out of the event by this time next week, so expect this post to either be thicker – or thinner. Depends on how huge the news was to begin with when […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: EVE Lore updates, EverQuest double XP, Bounty Bay hunts

    Not much this week for MMOs, sorry to say. Most are just giving players an “extra experience weekend” to lull them into playing on the PC instead of being outside grilling burgers and getting bent on beer. Well, if you are an American that is expected of you this weekend. Most of us just do […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW on iPhone, Spellborn launches, MMO birthdays

    Loads of goings on in the world of MMOs, as usual. Let us make sense of it for you. This week was filled with birthday celebrations for four different MMOs: Lineage II, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars. Good job guys. Other stuff happened too ya know, and it’s all broken down for you […]

  • The Chronicles of Spellborn hand picking beta testers starting today

    Acclaim will be allowing players into the closed beta for The Chronicles of Spellborn today, individuals “hand-picked” from chats, David Perry’s Twitter and a beta tester list. Tomorrow, another 1,000 accounts will be let in every 12 hours until servers have reached full capacity. Watch for email notifications or notices on your Acclaim account page. […]

  • Chronicles of Spellborn gets US date

    MMORPG The Chronicles of Spellborn will release in North America in January, Acclaim said today. A closed beta will launch in the US on November 27, which coincides with the game’s European release date. The beta will be free, and allows play up until fame level eight, apparently. Full release below. By Mike Bowden

  • Free games will beat piracy, says Perry

    Speaking after collecting an honourary doctorate in Belfast, Dave Perry has claimed that piracy can be beaten through making games free. “The next big thing will be free games,” he said, citing Asian success for the model. “They had so much piracy that they decided to stop charging for the games. Instead, there’ll be a […]

  • Acclaim announces Project "Top Secret" winner

    Acclaim has announced that Michael “Doran” Zummo is the winner of its Project “Top Secret” competition and therefore will be offered the directorship of an upcoming game, working with David Perry as executive producer. Every man’s dream. “I think we’ve proven that this is a great way to find super passionate people, by creating an […]

  • Perry's Project Top Secret winner about to be announced

    Acclaim’s David Perry is about to announced the winner of Project Top Secret, a program that allowed a gamer to design a professional title from scratch. More than 60,000 people signed up for the project. ‚ÄúThere was no book we could follow on how to do this. In fact, the books out there seemed to […]

  • 70 million user MMO can happen, says "Acclaim 2.0" boss Dave Perry

    David Perry, previously of Matrix-developer Shiny and now of the reborn Acclaim, has told videogaming247 that he believes the MMO space is led by an “extremely nerdy” game in World of Warcraft and that an attitude shift is needed for the genre to break out into the mainstream proper. “I believe there’s a 70 million […]

  • Perry "stunned" by Marvel MMO canning

    According to this, Dave Perry – long-standing developer of dozens of games, including the Matrix titles – was more than a little shocked that Microsoft recently decided to bin Cryptic’s Marvel MMO. “That is stunning to me, absolutely stunning to me,” he said. “Marvel, as a property, is more mass-market than World of Warcraft.” He […]