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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 teaser confirms recent weapon leak

The new Call of Duty: Warzone trailer has lent credence to a few recent leaks.

Yesterday's Season 4 teaser for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare confirmed that Captain Price would indeed be the season's main operator, alongside Kyle Garrick.

Though the trailer was light on details, opting instead to recap the main events of previous seasons, it did show off two new weapons coming to the game. This is particularly interesting because it confirms recent leaks about some of the new content.

In the last shot of the trailer, we get to see the Galil Ace assault rifle, and the Kriss Vector SMG. References to both of these weapons were recently dug up, and the most recent patch added to their existing files, which fans took to mean they're going to be the Battle Pass weapons for Season 4.

Reddit user JeaneJWE shared a number of details about the attachments of both weapons, as seen in the game's code. For starters, the Galil Ace appears to be firing the same ammo of the AK-47, that being 7.62x39mm.

There's the usual assortment of barrels for different ranges, stocks and extended magazines. One interesting detail, however, is that the weapon appears to have a unique ten-round magazine that fires 7.62 M67 ammo, which sports higher muzzle velocity, accuracy and damage. This could be similar to the M4's SOCOM rounds.

The Vector will seemingly be called the Fennec in-game, and it once again comes with close and long-range barrel options, including one with an integrated suppressor. Then there's the Huge Suppressor, a unique attachment that seems to have a similar job to the Oden's Colossus Suppressor.

The Fennec fires .45 ACP ammo (though it's referred to in the code as ".41 APC"), with an option for a 45-round drum magazine. Like the Strike 45, the Fennec also appears to have a .45 Hollow Point conversion with the 12-round magazine, which turns it into a two-round burst SMG. There doesn't appear to be a 9mm conversion, however.

The leak also revealed that the mid-season weapon will be a sniper rifle called Rytec AMR, based on the real-world XM109. Those are the most fleshed out weapons, but the files also reference the AN-94, and the G28, meaning they could be coming in future seasons.

On the maps, it looks like we'll be getting five of them over the course of the season. Garden, Broadcast, Oilrig, Scrapyard, and Harbor all have traces in the code. Indeed, some of those already exist in the greater Warzone map.

It doesn't look like Warzone will be seeing as many changes as as you might have hoped, at least judging by what's in the files at present. JeaneJWE found the names of new limited-time modes like Juggernaut, Jailbreak, and TDM Anywhere. Specifics are unclear.

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