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Bugged Call of Duty: Warzone weapon blueprint raises pay-to-win concerns

Call of Duty: Warzone players have come across a particularly suspicious weapon blueprint that appears to have boosted damage.

As the meta of Call of Duty: Warzone settles, a general consensus has been reached on the best loadouts, with some light exceptions here and there.

What players didn't count on, however, was certain weapon blueprints behaving differently from the main weapon they're based on. Reddit user ChickenYug has identified a bug with an EBR-14 blueprint called Line Breaker.

Line Breaker is acquired through the premium tier of the Battle Pass, and it appears to have its headshot damage boosted significantly. The EBR-14 is not a popular weapon in multiplayer or Warzone, so this discovery lead many to call the blueprint pay-to-win.

As you can see in ChickenYug's testing, Line Breaker does have a boosted headshot damage multiplier, which allows it to kill a player in a single headshot, whereas the normal EBR-14 would only break armour with one headshot, requiring more shots to kill.

Pay to win M14 EBR blueprints - Part 2 with new evidence - see comments from r/CODWarzone

This is an especially bizarre situation because weapon blueprints are merely skin/3D model changes, and rely on the same attachments available to everyone in-game. In theory, the performance of blueprints should be identical to that of the weapons they're based on.

This does not appear to be the case with this one, at least. Players have now started to wonder whether other Battle Pass, and even store-bought blueprints, have damage or accuracy advantages. More than likely, this is nothing more than a bug, but this won't stop players from abusing it until it's fixed.

Warzone and Modern Warfare are due for a patch this week to kick off Season 3, and that could be the one to fix this bug - or at least disable the blueprint until a more permanent fix has been made.

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