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Bloodborne guide: Eileen the Crow and the Hunter of Hunters covenant

Bloodborne players can join several covenants. Here are the hows and the whys.


Bloodborne guide: Eileen the Crow and the Hunter of Hunters covenant

Bloodborne players are yet to unlock all the secrets of covenants, but several have been identified and the basics of joining and effects are pretty well sorted out. Here's what we know about the first of these optional allegiances.

Hunter of Hunters covenant

As the name suggests, players who join the Hunter of Hunters covenant will be sent to battle their fellow Hunters. On occasion, members will be transported to another player's word to battle the "Blood-addled Hunter" host. This happens at random intervals, without the player taking action to cause it. It is believed that Blood-addled Hunters are players who have killed NPCs.

Joining the covenant and completing its quests will reward you with several great items.

How to join the Hunter of Hunters

To join Hunter of Hunters, you need to interact with Eileen the Crow. It's best to go see her whenever you can, as she can turn hostile if you don't establish a rapport in time, and will give you some neat rewards.

To start, look for her in a side area near the main entrance to the sewers in Central Yharnam before you fight Father Gascoigne. Chat with her twice to receive the Shake off Cape gesture and four Bold Hunter's Marks.

Next, she'll move to the Cathedral Ward. You can find her by turning left as you exit the cathedral from the front door of the cathedral, as long as you have opened the big gate requiring the Hunter Chief Emblem. She'll teach you the Shhh! gesture if you talk to her here.

Your next encounter with Eileen takes place in the Tomb of Oedon - the Father Gascoigne boss arena. Here she'll be fighting the hunter Henryk. Help her kill him - she can die if you're not good enough, but do your best to avoid hitting her, as this will turn her hostile. In general, staying locked onto Henryk and using your firearm to Countershot him is a good tactic. Eileen will give you the Approval gesture if you are successful.

After the Rom, the Vacuous Spider boss battle, you can find Eileen in the Grand Cathedral, waiting on the steps. If you have not done her quests, she'll be hostile. If you have, she'll want you to battle the Hunter inside to complete her quest. In either case, this is a very tough battle, and you can't bring a co-op buddy.

If you complete all Eileen's quests, you'll get the Wait gesture, the Hunter Rune, and the Crowhunter Badge, which allows you to purchase the Blades of Mercy weapon and the Crowfeather attire set.

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