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Destiny videos of the week: what if Samuel L Jackson voiced Ghost?

Destiny is full of watercooler moments and thanks to the power of new-gen consoles we don't even have to describe them. Let show and tell - minus the tell - begin.

Video of the week

This week's top video comes to us from t0nin0t, who finally made good on something that Destiny Subreddit members suggest about once a week: what if Samuel L Jackson had provided Ghost's voice instead of Peter Dinklage?

Fun with rockets

Destiny Guardians rediscovered some of the simple joys of the game this week, including Truth, a rocket launcher allowing you to lock onto targets. "So what?" you may ask. "I never miss anyway." Indeed, padawan, but as KHAN demonstrates, Truth can be put to great use in the Crucible if you know how to use it.

Coincidentally, Frail Rain confessed that they never have any heavy ammo because they're always playing with Truth. Taking the curve shot to the extreme really is satisfying.


A couple of Guardians have earned our spite this week for their luck and talent. First up is pinpoyo23 with a gift from RNGesus that may cause you to break a conroller in frustration. The map didn't even load, man.

More painfully, perhaps, here's Drew the Werd performing an amazing solo run on Crota. Hot skills, dude.

Creepy crawlies

Destiny is full of bugs, bless it, and this week we have a bumper crop. Here's an immortal Acolyte found by Bobby Krasniuk.

This is not so much a bug as a physics error, but here's a Cabal with an operatic sense of what's appropriate on its deathbed. Thanks, rairomusicboy.

Take a journey with teeson24 thanks to a freak accident.

You know how when you take out Sepiks Prime, you learn that "The Fallen are crafty" and will "find some way to survive"? James N learned the truth of this firsthand.

Death comes for us all

This week we have a whole series of other people's deaths to enjoy; grab your popcorn and your schadenfreude. It was surely that spiteful emotion that provoked elspanielo to the actions depicted in the video below. They say the first one was an accident. How could you resist another go?

This isn't that uncommon a death, but if you've never seen anyone get whacked by a speeding vehicle, Sylon HD has a nice example.

Finally, here's a reel by Liefdevolle. A humble Guardian, they begin by showing off some of their less than stellar moments, but it's not just a how-not-to-Hunter reel; there's some much funnier deaths later on.

Sit yourself down and learn something

If you're yet to start playing Destiny or are considering a class change, let our good buddy Arekkz talk you though the decision.

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