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Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 8 - Sovereign Land

This ain't no hippy commune. Take down the survivalists, use the tank and escape in a plane with this guide.

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Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 8 - Sovereign Land

Get in the car and drive to the compound to let things play out.

Have a look around the silo but there's really only one way out. Once you find the guy fixing something take him down and you'll have a weapon. Follow the corridor to take down another guard silently.

As you approach the next four guards in the room ahead there's a shotgun on the table. Grab that and take them all down, as well as the fifth guy who enters the room to your left. You'll now get your scanner back as you approach the ladder.

Once you're out in the open you can scan the compound and tag almost all the enemies. Head to the left around the walls and you can climb onto some roofs and enter that way, or go right and under the fence.

If you went with the left path you can hide behind the sandbags and check out more enemies to tag, as well as explosives in the middle of the camp. Drop down quietly and to the left you can find the alarm. Silence it so there's no back up, then take them down.

You're going to have to be really patient to do it without firing bullets. If the shit hits the fan, the compound has plenty of buildings and cover so keep moving and you'll be able to complete this section fairly easily. Don't be afraid to kill and make sure you pick up any evidence you need. The bad guys have a fair bit of hardware between them so you should be able to find a decent weapon or two. Just be careful as these guys throw lots of molotovs.

You'll find your gear at the back of the compound, then you need to get to the car. A van with some enemies will roll up, but just shoot the explosive gas cannisters to take all those idiots out.

Once you get in the car, head to the airstrip and once you're out of the crash, hole up at the gas station. This is pretty intense, so concentrate on taking down the jeeps with mounted machine guns first. There's four to deal with but the first two park up and are easier than the other two, which circle the gas station. You're safest in the back room because enemies can blast holes in the walls and they'll throw molotovs in the front room. There's also Tactical Gear in the back if you need a better loadout.

Before you go, check out the burnt out building opposite the station to find a shallow grave and more evidence.

When you arrive at the airport Boomer will fix a plane while you get to play with a new toy. Use it to nuke all the vehicles, enemies, vans and helicopters.

Now the coast is clear you can go and pick up the brute from the warehouse opposite.

It's not over yet. Get in the tank and battle it out with the other tank. Take out any choppers that fly into view first, but make sure you give the tank a god shelling too. Once that's over, get in the plane with Boomer and you're done.

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