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Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 4 - Case Closed

Investigate the warehouse, shoot up the growhouse and survive a hurricane with this guide.

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Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 4 - Case Closed

You need to pick up all five pieces of evidence here before the story progresses. Here's the locations of everything in the warehouse:

Barrels of Dye - Internal Affairs

On the first floor on the back wall of the warehouse you'll find the barrel.

Gym Bag of Money - Hot Shot Supply Chain

In the office on the first floor you'll find the bag of cash on a table. It's got a big number 1 next to it.

Burner Cellphones - Internal Affairs

On the third floor there's an office half way along the corridor on the left. The burners are in the trash can.

Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy - Internal Affairs

Again, on the third floor there's an office with a massive stuffed toy. Scan it.

Elmore Plaza Business Card - The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Go up the stairs from the third floor to the managers office and it's on the desk.

Now that's all been gathered check out the painting on the wall, which moves to reveal a safe. Use your scanner to highlight the fingerprints and punch in the number. Now go and meet Khai in the shipping container.

At the second warehouse you can change your loadout and scan a few enemies from the top of the building. Make sure you get all the snipers. Instead of going through the front door you're going around the back of both warehouses and flanking your way to the front entrance on the roof, which you can see from where you being the episode in the screen below.


So firstly, jump down off the roof and head to the warehouse grounds opposite your position, with the open gate and the truck with its doors wide open. Go up the ladders to the roof and left, where you'll get a good look at the warehouse yard and be able to tag a load of bad guys.

Drop down into the yard and arrest any criminals as you make your way around the back to the scaffolding. Climb up to the roof and arrest the two guards up here, then drop down the steps and into the warehouse through the door.

From the office and the walkway you can now tag all the criminals in the warehouse and either shoot them or arrest them.

Go down to the next level and you'll be amongst all those sweet weed plants. Arrest the guard and use the security terminal to tag all the guards in the growhouse. The enemies tending the plants are easy to arrest, then move in on Stoddard.

Once you've had words with Stoddard it's time to shoot your way out, so make your way to the floor above and out through the main doors.

At the mall parking lot you can scan a bunch of crooks outside in the rain. It's actually really easy if you stick to the right of the entrance to arrest a few, including a guy with an open warrant, then crowbar the main door open.

In this section use the security office to scan for enemies. Go up the escalators on the right to take down the enemies up there, then come back down and finish off everyone on the ground floor. With patience you can do it quietly.

After using the crowbar again use the security office on the right to find Khai and then shoot down the goons who have her trapped.

When the three of you go back upstairs the roof will cave in and all hell breaks loose. There's plenty of cover if you keep moving, so break out the big guns and have yourself a shoot out once you've arrested the last open warrant. Then just avoid the flying furniture and lightning and reach the exit.

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