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E3 2018: watch new Battlefield 5 multiplayer gameplay with new details

Battlefield 5 multiplayer was the first thing EA showed at its EA Play E3 event.

For some reason, though, we didn't get a 64-player Battlefield 5 match following the show like we've been getting in past E3s whenever a new Battlefield is announced.

Even DICE's presentation was brief, compared to other less important titles like Command & Conquer: Rivals. Luckily, we have YouTubers to turn to for more concrete details, and of course, lots of gameplay footage.

Westie's video below is about 15-minutes long, and it's full of footage from the new Grand Operations game mode. The map shown is Narvik, in both its day and nighttime settings.

The video also touches on some of the biggest changes coming to Battlefield 5 you need to know about.

Gunplay and suppression

Suppression will no longer affect the accuracy of your weapons. When being suppressed, you'll see a suppression effect on screen but your bullets will hit where you're aiming.

Random deviation is also gone, meaning weapon recoil is more predictable and can be mastered with time. When you're done firing, the sights will reset to the centre once again. Moving a lot while shooting will have an accuracy hit, as will jumping and vaulting.

Headshots have had their multiplier increased from 1.7x in Battlefield 1 to 1.9x, and the headshot hitbox is also getting bigger.


DICE is trying to get rid of the Battlefield 1-style melee system where players only pressed the button in panic after getting close to an enemy. The idea is to make melee in Battlefield 5 a bit more tactical.

This is done by greatly reducing the range of melee takedowns, and reducing the damage dealt with each melee hit. Overall, you'll need to be closer to your target for your melee attacks to do damage.


In Battlefield 5, you'll be able to do an underhanded throw along with the usual throw animations. You're now also able to throw back enemy grenades, as seen in the reveal trailer.


Like we mentioned in our E3 hands-on, 3D spotting has been completely overhauled. You'll rarely see orange and red doritos of your enemies everywhere you look just by spamming Q.

Instead, spotting now places a contextual, Rainbow Six Siege-style marker. The marker shows your distance to it, but doesn't highlight nearby enemies. The binoculars for the Scout is currently the only thing in the game that can 3D spot.

If you correctly spot a target by highlight its exact location, you will see an icon, but it won't track the target's location in real time. So if it moves, the icon won't move with it.

If your spotted target is an infantry unit, the icon above their head (showing their class) will disappear if they break line of sight.

Battlefield 5 is out October 19 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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