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Battlefield 1 Medic Class guide – weapons, load-outs, rifle grenades, syringes and more

These guys are far more deadly than you might imagine.

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Thanks to its World War 1 setting, Battlefield 1 has a serious chance to change some things up in its multiplayer, and developers DICE seem to have seized the opportunity. While the broad strokes of the classes in Battlefield 1 might seem familiar to most shooters, there's a fair bit that's different about them.

Before you jump into the trenches, allow us to assist by guiding you through what, exactly, you can expect from each of the game's core classes. Some are similar, and some are less familiar. Here's everything you need to know about the Medic class.

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Battlefield 1 Classes: Medic Guide

If you've been reading down this page in a linear fashion you might've noticed that the Support class didn't have any healing related abilities, and that's because that's the realm of the Medic. The medic gets some soldier-saving gadgets, but interestingly the medic also has access to some really deadly firepower that makes them a great hard counter to Assault players. The key with the medic class is to stay far back and out of trouble: their weapon load-out is no-good up close, but at a distance, it's really very effective. Don't forget to use your gadgets to heal up your teammates, too!

Medic Class Weapons

The Medic class actually has access to some really deadly firepower, most of them semi-automatic rifles with a great range on them. It's important to understand that these weapons are not sniper rifles even though there is some cross-over in utility with them, so avoid one-on-one fights against snipers. If you can, however, find yourself some high ground and try to pick off enemies from a distance with these weapons. Even if they spot you, at range an assault or support player is still at a disadvantage thanks to your superior range.

In terms of side-arms, the medic class gets access to a very similar range of weapons to almost all the other classes in the form of a selection of pistols. All of these weapons do fairly average damage and work decently at a fairly average range, and are actually much more useful for the medic as a back-up if they do end up in whites-of-their-eyes close quarters combat.

Medic Class Gadgets & Gear

One of the major differentiators for any class in Battlefield 1 is in its secondary gadgets and gear. The medic class might have some decent guns, but it gets its real use in its gadgets, which are almost all focused on helping allies. A few of them can also be nefariously used on the enemy, too. They get access to Medical Crates, Bandage Pouches, a Syringe and, er... a Rifle Grenade. Here's all about those.

The Medical Crate will be familiar to Battlefield players and really functions very similarly to the Medkits from previous games. This box can be tossed out onto the battlefield and then can be used by friendly soldiers to replenish their health. As with the Support Class and their ammo crates, you'll want to be careful to place this in an area where it won't leave your allies vulnerable.

Bandage Pouches function similarly to medical crates but are much smaller. This iis a blessing and a curse - you can carry two of these, but once thrown out be careful that your allies don't miss them altogether amidst the chaos of battle. These packages restore health at a certain rate per second, meaning players will need to hang around them to get full healing - so put them somewhere that's well-covered. For a single player or two, use one of these. For more, use the crate.

The Medical Syringe fills the role that defibrillator did in the modern Battlefield games, and can be used to bring a just-downed soldier back to life. Look... it isn't entirely realistic, but it's useful. Players that have been downed can either give up and respawn or drop a waypoint to direct a nearby medic player to them. If you see this pop up, haul ass: the player will expire very quickly indeed! The syringe can also be turned on enemies - if you get in close quarters or sneak up on a soldier, stick them with the needle to overdose them and kill them. Oof.

The Rifle Grenade is something I'm pretty sure isn't included in the medical school curriculum, but medics can use it all the same. This is a grenade launcher that gets mounted on the end of your rifle - of course - and can be fired as a single-shot explosive attack like a mini-RPG. It comes in three variants: Frag, Smoke and High Explosive. Frags are best on enemy soldiers, Smoke is a good support option, and High Explosive will work best on vehicles but be a little less effective against infantry.

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