• Call of Duty will be an event at the ESPN's X Games this year

    ESPN’s extreme sports-oriented Olympics, the X Games, will feature a Call of Duty Ghosts tournament in Austin this year. The Games will go on June 6-8, and eight Call of Duty teams will be invited — the top 3 from the Call of Duty world championship in LA last month and the top 5 in […]

  • Towerfall has earned half a million dollars

    It’s not a full million, but $500k is still a lot of money, and Towerfall has hit that mark. Previously an Ouya exclusive, Towerful hit PC and PS4 last month, and those platforms have done all the heavy lifting, with PS4 actually being its most popular platform.

  • Skype group video calls now free on Xbox One and PC

    Group video calls have long been a Premium Skype feature, but no longer on a couple Skype clients. You still can’t do group video on your phone or tablet, but they are now free to all on the PC, Mac and Xbox One Skype clients, meaning there is no longer a fee preventing you from […]

  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will spread to PC June 24

    PopCap’s silly online shooter Garden Warfare, currently out on Xbox platforms, will debut on the PC via Origin on June 24, EA announced today via press release. The post-release Xbox DLC Garden Variety and Zomboss Down will be in the PC version of the game at launch, and a Digital Deluxe Edition with some booster […]

  • Velocity Ultra free on PlayStation Plus from tomorrow

    Velocity Ultra for PS Vita, the new version of the PS Mini arcade shooter hit Velocity, is being added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection in North America when the PlayStation Store updates itself tomorrow afternoon. There are also some legit deals on many Japanese games, and 10 percent off Wolfenstein: The New Order […]

  • Madden 15 release date announced, first creepy trailer stars Luke Kuechly

    Wow, is it really time for a trailer for this year’s Madden already? I guess since the NFL Draft is next week, it must be, and EA Sports has one that I’m sure will air hundreds of times during the Draft broadcast. Hopefully it won’t just scare people.

  • Watch 7 minutes of Destiny gameplay in the Devils' Lair

    In the wake of all this Destiny news today, we also have some new gameplay video to show off which features seven minutes of somebody invading a place called The Devils’ Lair. Check it out.

  • Destiny may still come to PC someday

    Bungie’s Lars Bakken told Eurogamer that adding a PC SKU to the four console versions of Destiny already in the works is too great a task for them to deal with right now, but they may port the expected-to-be-popular game to computers later.

  • Destiny saved games transfer cross-gen

    Speaking at a press event recently, Bungie’s Tyson Green said that saved games for their much-anticipated co-op shooter Destiny will allow players to transfer their saved games upward a console generation should they play the game on an old-gen console and then later upgrade. “We’re interested in making sure that last gen character can move […]

  • DICE improves Battlefield 4 servers to try to fix rubber-banding issue

    Ever since the Battlefield 4 expansion Naval Strike launched, some players have noticed a weird server glitch in online play where players teleport around the map. DICE has addressed this “rubber-banding” error with new “high-performance servers” it introduced this weekend.

  • Survey says Blizzard may be considering second Diablo 3 expansion

    A new consumer survey from Blizzard, about Diablo III, is making the rounds (spotted by a GAFer) and features a peculiar question the likes of which usually indicates a spoiler: “How interested would you be in playing a second expansion to Diablo III?”

  • UPDATE: See Microsoft dig up landfilled E.T. Atari cartridges - video

    Today is the day that some enterprising folks are visiting that landfill in New Mexico where legend says millions of Atari E.T. game cartridges were buried after the game flopped and the video game market crashed in 1982. And according to photos taken by a few tweeters at the dig, at least one E.T. cartridge […]

  • First-person Sonic the Hedgehog in Oculus Rift seems sickening - video

    There’s a fan-made Unreal Engine 3 Sonic game that lets you run around in a 3D world, viewing it through Sonic’s eyes, and thanks to the magic of modern personal computing this game can be played with an Oculus Rift virtual reality display. And we have a video of what that looks like.

  • Dark Souls 2 has second launch trailer for PC release

    Dark Souls 2 has been out on PC for about a day now, and with that second launch is a second launch trailer that is actually different from the original one from back when the game his consoles earlier this year.

  • Watch H1Z1 developers play the game - video

    Earlier this week, two of the dudes at Sony working on Sony’s online zombie survival sim with DayZ elements H1Z1 streamed video of themselves playing the game while talking about it, and the folks at GamesHQMedia have thrown it on YouTube so we can share it with you.

  • Mario Golf: World Tour trailer shows how you shoot balls out of Donkey Kong barrels

    Nintendo has posted new advertising for Mario Golf World Tour, out May 2 for the 3DS, which shows off some of the game’s weirder courses as this ain’t your regular “rich white man at the country club” round of golf.

  • LostWinds now ready for transfer from Wii to Wii U

    If you ever bought a copy of WiiWare title LostWinds from the Wii U eShop, you may have been disappointed that when you grabbed a Wii U, you couldn’t transfer it and its saves to the new console like you can most of things. But that nightmare is over, and you can now move LostWinds […]

  • Monument Valley devs making new levels, considering Vita port

    The developer of the IAP-less mobile hit Monument Valley, ustwo, is building some new levels for the much-talked-about game because they want to, but necessarily just for profit, director Neil McFarland told The Guardian. But he does have concerns about where these levels will fit into the game’s story. “We are making some more levels, […]

  • Dustforce lands on Xbox 360

    PC indie darling made the transition to PlayStation earlier this year, and on Friday it expanded its reach also to the Xbox 360. The action platformer from Hitbox carries a $10 price tag, same as on other platforms, and can be snatched from the cloud that is Xbox Live any time you now wish.

  • Happy Wars heading to PC, beta begins this week on Steam

    The previously Xbox 360-exclusive Happy Wars, a free-to-play MOBA/role-playing strategy thing, will be delivered to PC gamers this summer on Steam, but first it’s getting a two-week beta test in North America that begins April 30. If you’d like to apply for the beta, check the official site’s beta page. Being F2P, some aspects of […]